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Update #24: Ruins Of The Ancients | Prescott Starbase | Enemy Caster | HOTAS Support

Update #24: Ruins Of The Ancients | Prescott Starbase | Enemy Caster | HOTAS Support
Greetings, Pilots!
Today’s production update will be the last for this year. Obviously, we had different topics planned for this one. We’re fully aware that many of you still feel bummed out about our new Early Access release date, even though we have received a lot of understanding for our reasoning from our backers. So thanks again for your support!
We’d like to conclude an unprecedentedly rough year for probably all of us on a high note. Thanks to our new timeline, we got some cool new content and features to share that would not have made it into the Early Access release version (our code freeze was pushed back by two weeks, the content freeze by four weeks).

Ruins Of The Ancients

You might recall from the Kickstarter campaign that you awesome EVERSPACE fans unlocked the stretch goal “The Ancients’ Rifts,” a sector in the endgame offering extra hard challenges and the best loot in the game. In this area, you will encounter remains of a mysterious alien race first found in EVERSPACE, and you’ll get an early taste of what’s to come in the ruins of Ancients’ structures scattered on an all-new moon in the Union system.
Concept art overpaint of ruins of The Ancients on Cephas II, a moon of the gas giant Cephas within the Union system. While you won’t run into any Ancients yet, we squeezed a couple of their mysterious ruins in as a teaser for the initial Early Access release, thanks to the extra time.
Encountering the Ancients without any warning whatsoever was a major highlight in EVERSPACE. Their ability to transfer energy into matter as well as control time and space added new challenges in combat, the opportunity of fast-travel, as well as some wicked alien tech to play within the endgame—all must-haves in any great open-world space RPG, right?
So, how better to introduce the mysteries of fast-travel as well as “mind-bending” weapon technology and devices (with a chance of surprising side effects) in the universe of EVERSPACE than utilizing some ancient alien tech that nobody seems to know much about yet, hence the generic name. But what if The Ancients turn out to be deeply connected to the established lore? Definitely not a new concept but proven in popular sci-fi classics many times before, and yet endless possibilities for adding new ideas in EVERSPACE 2…

Prescott Starbase

As revealed in production update #19, the star system Union is a bustling trading hub in EVERSPACE 2. While the newly-introduced and independent Freelancers run extremely profitable businesses in high-tech gear, medical supplies, and mining resources in the clouds high above planet Culver, the omnipresent Outlaws, already known from the predecessor, make a killing with loot of any kind from scavenger and piracy hunts and sell it for high profit to the highest bidder at the black market of Prescott Starbase.
Think of it as a highly condensed version of an entire city floating in space with various departments, ranging from the neon-light-flooded shopping and entertainment area, the jam-packed residential neighborhood, all the way down to the industrial and dirty space harbor district—you know the gist of such sci-fi megacities because humans and aliens are alike when it comes to basic individuals’ needs and business.
Around Prescott Plaza (concept art overpaint), travelers will be able to delve into all the human, as well as alien, guilty pleasures you can think of; as an antipole to the grim reality of living a harsh life in the DMZ, far, far from Earth, moral and ethics have no home in this place, especially in the uptown district.
Concept art of the casino’s bar from a story campaign cutscene; this is where experienced shooters hang around when on the hunt for challenging high stakes assignments.
Concept art overpaint of the space docks at Prescott Starbase, a rather dark and filthy place. While officially under the control of the Prescott Port Authority, opposing mafia clans call the shots, literally. Even though these families live by different morals and conducts of doing business, unconditional loyalty is non-negotiable. “If you need it, we have it” is the mantra at this infamous black market within the DMZ; just don’t ask where the goods came from. Greed for profit and deep loathing towards the Colonial Fleet and the Okkar Authorities is what holds this sizzling melting pot of questionable human and bizarre alien individuals together. For anyone good at operating under the radar and willing to play by a different set of rules, this is yet another place where to look for risky but very profitable “business opportunities”.
While it is still under development and far from being complete, we’re excited to announce that Prescott Starbase will be explorable on day #1 and that we’ll add more functionality and opportunities to interact over the next year during Early Access.

Enemy Caster

Using an analogy from the movie industry, NPCs in video games are somewhat like actors that have to be cast for each role from a pool of talents and show up on set at the right time—definitely not all at once, except for the inevitable cast photo, maybe.
Our systems were designed to populate locations with the occasional visit from different NPCs for both friend and foe - like background actors, to make a scene lively and convincing that there is more going on in a given fictional world than what you can actually see.
No matter if watching a movie or playing a video game (especially in RPGs), it’s all about triggering that amazing Kopfkino to make you believe you are actually present in that fictional world of your choice. If not done right, you may not be able to put your finger on it, but you can tell something is off, immediately making you realize you are just sitting in front of a screen.
Obviously, in video games, especially in open-world looter shooter RPGs, you can interact with NPCs in many different ways. At the same time, your current loadout and stats add yet another dimension of complexity “to the scene”. This requires both careful level and combat design to prevent immersion from breaking, no matter what players do.
Most of the time, we’ve worked with groups of enemies sufficient for compelling encounters in the Alpha and Beta. However, as the game world of EVERSPACE 2 will grow a lot over the next 12 months, so will the need for more encounter variety.
While we’re off to a good start with the closed Beta, keeping you guys and hopefully many more space pilots hooked in EVERSPACE 2 for tens if not hundreds of hours during Early Access and beyond is by far our biggest challenge. This is why we focus on making each location worth visiting beyond exploring and looking at new stuff, which can get old quickly, no matter how pretty the vista might be.
To get a tighter grip on things, we established a new in-house tool (the Enemy Caster) to help our designers in trying out different combinations of enemies within seconds and playtesting if they make an exciting challenge without leading to any unfair results—provided players engage within a reasonable level. That said, there's nothing wrong about feeling lucky and testing your skill boundaries against lvl +5 enemies if you so wish… (Erik didn't know that we changed the tool's name to Enemy Caster as the original one was misleading).
Youtube: Erik shows off the enemy caster on stream
Generally, every enemy ship has its individual stats (hit points, damage output, speed, agility, etc.), all sorts of equipment as well as specific attack and retreat behavior—it’s almost as complex as designing for the player and can easily turn out being an even deeper rabbit hole than what it looks like on paper. However, the more shortcuts game designers are willing to take by limiting what enemies can do and which items they can use compared to what’s at disposal for the player creates a shallower overall combat experience, weaker immersion, and less fun overall.
Thanks to the comparatively simple player progression through the predecessor’s linear game world, plus not being able to back-travel made things even easier, we were able to balance all enemy stats within long spreadsheets. Due to the much higher complexity in combat design for our ambitious open-world looter shooter RPG, we already reached the limits of this method within the first star system of EVERSPACE 2, which is why we’re pretty excited about our new tools. Imagine how nasty it would be if you get pinned by a bunch of pesky Webber Drones and before you even had a chance to stun them with an EMP blast and free yourself, a group of self-destructing drones would appear right next to you... Oh, wait!
Twitch: Webbed! O_o
Long story short, for the Early Access release, we already have quite a few more enemy types than in the Beta, and more to come over the next 12 months. Thanks to our new in-house tools, we’ll be able to offer you guys an even broader gameplay-variety in combat on your journey through six or eight star systems, plus the endgame. To ensure that these new combat encounters are properly balanced and fun for as many pilots as possible, we’ll heavily rely on everyone’s feedback during Early Access, so keep it coming and share your thoughts on our discord or in the forums on Steam and everspace.game.


Due to popular demand from EVERSPACE players, we added rudimentary HOTAS support post-launch to that title, even though it had never been a promised feature because we believed it wasn’t a great fit for fast-paced 3D space shooters in general. The implementation did work but required some fiddling to assign input parameters for each model, which led to some frustration and quite a few negative user reviews on Steam. To create a better experience for HOTAS fans, we’re putting more emphasis on this feature in EVERSPACE 2 right from the beginning.
For initial test purposes, we implemented experimental HOTAS support in the closed Alpha/Beta, which still requires some tweaking depending on your hardware and is not as robust as you can expect from an officially released product. After analyzing feedback from test pilots using HOTAS, we decided to overhaul the entire implementation completely and add presets for the most common setups on day #1 of Early Access for the models below:
  • T.Flight Hotas X
  • T.Flight Hotas One
  • T.Flight Hotas 4
  • Hotas Warthog
  • T16000M (Single)
  • T16000M (Dual Config)
  • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
  • Logitech/Saitek X56
  • Logitech/Saitek X52
  • Logitech/Saitek X52 Professional
Now, while this should be solid enough for Early Access (but not the final product!), joystick pilots should bear in mind that piloting a starfighter in EVERSPACE 2 is more like flying an agile assault chopper than a supersonic jet fighter. To defeat ES2-baddies in space, combat is more about 360° two-axis precision aiming and dodging enemy fire by swift two-axis strafing as well as quick-boosting to get out of the fire zone and then turning on a dime to counter-attack. Much different than pulling off barrel rolls, corkscrew loops, or an Immelmann like in old-school in-atmosphere dogfighting.
Of course, you absolutely can do all that, but fancy dogfight maneuvers won’t help you much because your opponents will turn on a dime anytime, too. We know this probably won’t hold back any die-hard space sim fans using their HOTAS/HOSAS gear and disable inertia dampeners for the extra kick of immersion in EVERSPACE 2, which, admittedly, is a fun experience. We’re just saying: be aware of what you are getting yourselves into… it'll be a tough ride! Having said that, we're working hard to give you the best HOTAS experience for such a fast-paced game as possible.
Alrighty, that was quite a lot for our concluding production in 2020. We hope everyone has enjoyed the space ride so far. If you did, don’t be a stranger and join our fun/informative/goofy live streams every Friday on Twitch and YouTube, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm CET / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PDT. I’m pretty sure that Erik, our one-and-only Community Ambassador, and host of the weekly RFG show, will spill a few more beans than we agreed...
Well, it probably has been an unexpectedly rough year for everyone. So more than ever, we wish you y’all a wonderful winter holiday with your loved ones and hope to see you super relaxed, happy, and excited for the EVERSPACE 2 launch in January. 🚀👀💥🙌
Michael and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team
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Jobs in Las Vegas?

I might move to Las Vegas soon. I've heard there's a lack of general job diversification but I imagine there's a ton of security gigs, what with all the casinos and businesses. I've been working unarmed security for 3-4 months, and before that I've got a ton of security experience during my 4 year enlistment so I shouldn't have any trouble getting a job but I'm hoping I could score a job within a week without even having to go to an interview like I did with my current job.
To any who works/has worked there:
1.How dangerous is the work environment for armed/unarmed Typically?
2.What are best places to work at for a college student?
3.Are there any places or jobs you avoid, if so, Why?
4.What's it like working at the Casinos/Entertainment areas?
5.How's the commute?
6.What are the best type of gigs in the area?
7.How do I go about getting my guard card swiftly?
8.How hot/cold does it get and how does that affect you during foot patrol gigs?
  1. Are there any companies that have there employees just wear modest polo shirts instead of police style uniforms?
  2. Where can I find an okay apartment in "relatively" safe part of the city? Thanks.
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Turbo Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Turbo Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

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Mobile Casino

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[S] Capy's Survivor: Pompeii- Saints vs Sinners (S23)

Hello! Welcome or welcome back to Capy's Survivor! This season we are headed to Pompeii! We are once again playing the game of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting your fellow castaways, whether that be by flirtatious behavior, backstabbing your opponents, or making plenty of allies. This is Capy's Survivor: Saints vs Sinners! I will not be doing write-ups with the posts because I don't have time. I will instead work on them while I can, and post a post with some of them once I'm done.
Meet the castaways:
Sanctus Tribe:
Pecalum Tribe:
Season: https://brantsteele.net/survivocaramoan/r.php?c=58TIKzh1

20th: Tracy was just too far on the outside for this vote. With both alliances in the tribe gunning for her, there was no way she could escape this 7-3 vote. Eliminated: Tracy
19th: I think this vote was purely the wrong place at the wrong time. There are two main alliances in the Pecalum tribe, King, Jury, and Vito; and Adrian, Bart, and Randall. I believe the flips wanted to side more with the alliance voting out the other alliance rather than a fellow flip vote. Eliminated: Bart
18th: I think Vito was scared that Karen, Kenzie, and Sass (a.k.a the flip votes) were going to flip back to Randall and Adrain's side and vote out Juri, as her name was thrown around. But alas, that did not happen, and their intended target of Randall went out after only Kenzie voted with Randall and Adrian, Sass throwing her vote to Karen, and Karen siding with Juri, Vito, and now-flip vote King. Eliminated: Randall
17th: The Sanctus tribe, much like their rival tribe, was divided by 2 alliances of 3. Carson-Randster-Flora and Blair-Dolly-Percy. But being the heroes that they are at heart, that didn't matter much, as Eva's fight with George from Episode 2 caught up with her and made her the boot 9-1. Eliminated: Eva
16th: Sanctus loses their second immunity in a row. I think the alliances are trying to rid of the flip votes early, as they could be dangerous come to the merge. Carson-Flora-Randster manages to pull in Ray for their Douglas vote, but that is solely because Blair-Dolly-Percy managed to get all the other flip votes to vote Ray, booting her 5-4. Eliminated: Ray
15th: After a huge fight at camp, and them both being in the middle, George and Douglas have made themselves the main targets of this week. Carson-Flora-Randster decides to stick to their target of Douglas, while Blair-Dolly-Percy decides to tie hoping for someone to flip, so they vote George. Instead of this, Blair ultimately decides to flip on her alliance, voting Douglas out 4-4; 4-2. Eliminated: Douglas
14th: A swap occurs at the Final 14, sending Sass, Dolly, Flora, King, Karen, Kenzie, and Percy to Sanctus. And sending Adrian, Blair, Carson, George, Juri, Randster, and Vito to Pecalum. All old alliances stand strong, while new alliances of former tribemates form. Sanctus loses the immunity challenge. The Sinners decide that Flora is their main target. But, Dolly and Percy approach Sass and offer her to flip, because of Dolly's reasons that her fellow Sinners are untrustworthy. Sass says in her confessional that she is the most untrustworthy of the bunch. In a stupid move, Dolly decides not to play her idol. Flora knows her fate, and decides to vote Sass as a last "F**k you". Eliminated: Flora
13th: Pecalum are the ones heading to Tribal Council tonight. Randster and Carson end up fighting after Flora goes home, as they know they are probably doomed. Randster recognizes that Carson is a huge threat to the game, and he decides he doesn't need him sticking around, the Sinners also take advantage of this crack in the Saints, as they are down in numbers, and need to form some trust. Carson goes in a 6-1. Eliminated: Carson
12th: The merge occurs, with everyone shocked that it's so early, with 12 people still remaining. Because of Carson's elimination, the original Saints are down in number 7-5. Karen manages to win immunity. Being the villains they are, the Sinners immediately turn on each other, and the biggest targets at the end of it all are King and Sass, who are mistakenly thought of as running the game, even though Juri and Vito know their alliance has most of the votes, they don't speak up. Sass manages to gain Blair and George's trust enough to get them on her side and attempt to convince the other former Saints. But King-Vito-Juri gets every other vote off of King, as he is an ally. Eliminated: Sass
11th: The Randster wins immunity. The Sinners continue to turn on each other, with King once again being a target along with Kenzie for constantly flipping back and forth between votes. The Randster, knowing he is safe, decides to vote with Blair and George (and Kenzie) to vote out King, as he sees King is a threat. They attempt to convince Dolly-Percy, but when Blair was flipped on the other tribe, they grew close. They decide to stay on the Sinner's good side and vote for Kenzie. Kenzie goes home on a 7-4. Eliminated: Kenzie.
10th: Vito wins immunity. Even in their last ditch efforts to flip Dolly-Percy to their side, Blair-George-Randster could not get people to flip and vote out King, even though he was one of the people obviously running the vote, and they are beginning to get picked off. George leaves in a 7-3 vote. Eliminated: George.
9th: Adrian win immunity. Blair and Randster still attempt to flip Dolly-Percy, and even the last Volcaneous flip left, Adrian. They try to reason that they are not top priority to get to Final Tribal Council, and they need to hurt the alliance of Juri-Vito-King, but Dolly-Percy and Adrian want to stick on their good side, even if it means they only last one more vote. They decide Blair is easily a bigger threat than Randster, and send her packing on a 7-2. Eliminated: Blair.
8th: Vito wins another immunity, and Randster is crushed as he was also close to winning. Randster is shocked when Dolly-Percy, Adrian, and Karen approach him and say that they are giving King the boot. Randster asks why they didn't do it earlier, and they confess it's because they wanted to be on the top of one side, and with the other 3 person alliance they couldn't do that, and that they needed to gain trust with King-Juri-Vito. Juri knows about this vote, but she decides to save her idols for when SHE needs them. Eliminated: King
7th: Adrian wins immunity. They decide the vote is Vito, as they are more uncomfortable with him than Juri. But, Adrian decides that flipping back to the Juri-Vito side would be his best bet right now. He decides not to tell Karen, as his plan is to bring Randster and her to the end as goats and boot Juri and Vito at the Final 5. He knows that Randster is open to flipping though, so he baits him in, but is unsuccessful. Juri knows about these attempts, and she shows Randster one of her idols and says she will keep him safe because he can't keep himself safe in the middle. By a vote of 4-3 Percy goes home. Eliminated: Percy
6th: The Randster wins immunity. Adrian finally decides to tell Karen about the flipping. But then regrets it as soon as he realizes he might be the target, as Dolly might be a goat for them. Him and Randster flip back to Dolly's side, with Adrian trying to save his goats. But he was too messy, and couldn't get Karen to flip back. It's a 3-3 tie, with Juri-Vito-Karen voting Dolly, and Adrian-Randster-Dolly voting Karen, trying to cause a rock draw with Adrian, Juri, and Vito. But, knowing she doesn't want a rock draw, and that she could bring anyone with her and potentially win, Juri decides to shockingly flip to a Karen vote, sending her packing. Eliminated: Karen
5th: Juri wins the immunity challenge. She knows they are going to vote for Vito, but she also knows that they know there is nothing they can do because she has an idol. So they all decide to stick with Vito, as they think she might boot him for being a jury vote threat. Their prediction turns out to be right, but she still votes against them to try to attempt some Juri Management (sorry for the bad pun). Eliminated: Vito
4th: The Randster secures his stop in the Final 3, by winning immunity. Juri uses her talking skill in attempts to flip Adrian because she knows that she is doomed if she doesn't try, and she tells him he should be sitting next to a Sinner at FTC and that she might not even win the Fire-Making, he does the math and decides that a potentially bitter jury is better than sitting next to the social player, Dolly, at FTC. Dolly and Juri are sent to a Fire-Making Challenge, where Juri wins. Eliminated: Dolly
Final Tribal Council:>! By a jury vote of 4-3-1.... congratulations Kim Juri! You are the winner of Capy's Survivor: Saint vs Sinners!!<
Tell me what you guys think. Also tell me who you would like to see the return of for future seasons, and who you liked the most!
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CBL World Rankings - S3-Final Round-D1

CBL World Rankings - S3-Final Round-D1
Apologies for the lateness. Real life getting in the way again (I mean, surely I should prioritise!) but hopefully this will be entertaining enough. I will attempt to do D2 later today rather than put it all into the one post.
So, we're on the last few days of Season 3 and La Lega - these are the headlines doe the final round - day 1:
I'd Gadot that
Premier League
Margot Robbie and Ana De Armas, prior to this match placed in 3 and 5th respectively, drew the first blood in the challenge for 2nd place in the Premier League. Ana needed a very strong win to claim it, but this battle was so closely fought that it ended in a draw with Margot having the 3 vote advantage. Margot's score has barely changed, but Ana De Armas has gained a ranking place currently sitting in 4th.
This is gonna be such a close matchup that I didn't even bother betting on it because I know I would end up picking the wrong winner. Either way, we all win with these two. Ana by a slight edge. The eyes.........
I didn't bet for the very same reason! This was always going to be one of the closest matches.
League 2
Arguably DC's hottest, Gal Gadot, vs one of 'Throne's hottest, Natalie Dormer, in what I expected to have been another equally close match. Gal Gadot must have wrapped that lasso of truth around voters Gal Gonads as she won 95-50! Gal climbs 6 places to 14th but also knocks Natalie Dormer out of the top ten, dropping 8 places into 17th!
Gal is seriously gorgeous and I don't feel Natalie has much of a backing from the people anymore, no where near Gal's support anyway, so it'll be an easy Gadot win imo
Your prediction was far more accurate than mine! I hope you placed a bet!
League 3
Arguably Throne's least popular -but in her prime- star, Sophie Turner, takes on the best thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, Megan Fox, in a battle for honour. Both are guaranteed relegation, but they don't want to go down with nil-points. Fox managed to out-manoeuvre her opponent by 33 points, putting Sophie bottom of the league. Turner drops 2 to 373 on the WR whilst Megan Fox climbs 4 to 359th.
Sophie has gotten better with age and at the right angle in the right setting she can appear to be quite attractive. That being said, Megan should win this handily. She has a much sharper sex appeal to Sophie's subtle elegance.
I'm not a huge fan of Fox, but I can't argue against this at all.
League 4
Brie Larson and Olivia Munn draw battle. Munn has the power to ruin Larson's chance of promotion, whilst Brie needed to win to stay in that fight with Blake Lively and Hailee Steinfeld close behind. Fortunately for Brie, she managed the win by 38 votes helping her to climb 7 places into 22nd, whilst Munn drops 58 places into 333rd.
I voted Munn,
Even if Brie looks like she’s having more fun,
They are both showing a lot of chest,
But Brie Larson seems favoured bu the rest.
Turtles don’t like to be trapped in a bath tub,
Brie Larson does expect to get this dub
League 5A
Both Dove Cameron and Taylor Swift seem to have had a popularity injection this season, but Taylor's seems to have had far more nitro in it, seeing her zoom up the WR table. The voting form for Monday seemed to match that trend with Taylor winning 84-56. It seems the 'goofy glasses' are putting people off Dove's photo. Swift remains static at 21st whilst Dove actually performed slightly better than anticipated and climbs 2 places into 366th.
Love the disco ball dress on Taylor and that picture of Dove just makes her look like a thousand other Instagram thots. Not particularly a fan of either, but this one's an easy choice for me.
I've seen that term used a lot lately...I'm going to have to look up 'thot' - perhaps I'm getting old?
League 5B
Chloe Bennet vs the impossible girl, Jenna Coleman in this final season 3 match for the pair. My Auton-sense wanted the Who-Girl to win, but she was outclassed this round by Bennet who won by 8 points. Jenna drops 2 to 300th, whilst Bennet climbs 1 to 41.
Ahhhhhh, I can't. Two hot/cute masters here. Both receiving votes from this guy. One of the most even matchups of the whole season, for me. I'm fairly certain that Chloe will win though.
Transitional League
Two of the consistently least popular celebs on CBL, Alexa Bliss takes on Amber Heard. Both hot as lunk but don't seem to get any luck on CBL for various reasons, but the trend continued today as they ended on a 66-66 score draw. This caused Heard to drop 1 to 371st, whilst Bliss has benefited by two places climbing to 374th.
Purely on looks, Heard's got a slight edge, especially in the dress she's wearing...but I'm more familiar with Alexa and I don't mind her so I've gotta go Alexa here - and that's without factoring in Heard's...indiscretions
Conference Premier A
Two of the lower leagues' hottest celebs fight for supremacy in their season finale. Both have quality assets that will surely take them through to a higher league next season, but alas Kelly Brook has beaten them both, so this game is very important. It was a tough battle and ended up in a draw with 2 votes in Lima's favour. With the lower than expected scoring, Lima drops 5 into 13th place. Arterton climbs 2 into 24th place.
I'm voting [Arterton], based on the pics submitted.
Interesting study in opposites, visually. Lima has kind of a wider face, full lips and round nose, while Arterton face and lips are thin and nose pointy. Their posture is even opposite: Lima has her head and shoulders back, sticking out her midsection and chest, while Arterton stands nearly straight up, almost leaning forward with her arms. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk.
Conference Premier B
Finally for day 1 it's Madison Beer vs Miranda Kerr. Whilst Beer has done well for most of the season, comparing the two pictures was like comparing classy fine wine with swigging a half drank beer left that you found discarded on a table at a sleazy club. I'm sure that's not how Madison intended to be portrayed, but that's how CBL voted with Kerr winning 109-31! Kerr climbs 6 points into 7th whilst Beer drops 8 into 369th.
Seeing as Kerr has already won comfortably I'll be voting Beer, I tried doing my part to get Beer promoted but it wasn't to be, hopefully next season she can do better

Quote of the Day
There were so many more quality posts that should have opened it up for discussion - however I assume most of you agreed with each other as there were very few replies. For observation that could have lead to discussion, and for being a little different on the day, the 50 tokens goes to u/Dojo_Casino for his TED talk!

Top 10
Here is the top 10 following Monday's results. Tuesday hasn't been updated on the WR yet so a further update will follow later today. How are your favourite celebs faring?
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Comprehensive Comic Book Catch-Up Guide

(Main Series) Friendship is Magic #1-4 The Return of Queen Chrysalis (Major Storyline)
Main Characters - Mane 6, CMC, Chrysalis
Summary - Queen Chrysalis has returned, replaced all the citizens of Ponyville with changelings, and kidnapped the CMC. Will the our heroes be able to stop her before it is too late? Or will rising tensions between the friends spell out their doom?
Quick Review - A worthy introduction to the comics with some fun character moments. Any comic drawn by Andy Price is worth checking out for the art alone. Chrysalis literally throws a kitten at a wall and it explodes into blood. 6/10

FiM #5-8 Nightmare Rarity (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Rarity, Mane 6, Luna, Spike
Summary - Rarity is overcome by insecurity and the fear that she doesn't provide enough to the group, and allows herself to be corrupted by Nightmare. As her friends rush to save her, Luna must overcome her own guilty past in order to defeat it again in the present.
Quick Review - Nightmare Rarity's design is superb. So are the moon denizens. Katie Cook's writing style can lean into the absurd sometimes, but she knows how to do an emotional moment. We see how Luna earned her flowing mane. Spike saves the day. Trixie gets a few lines. 8/10

FiM #9-10 Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Big Mac
Summary - Big Mac has to find nails to fix his gazebo during the Summer Wrap-Up festival. But the world has other plans for him.
Quick Review - Big Mac plays a wonderful comedic straight man. Seriously, the comic is hilarious, the art is amazing, and Big Mac is a chad. Dude has to fight off like four different mares fawning over him, including Luna. He just wants to repair his gazebo, for god's sake. 9/10

FiM #11-12 (Neigh Anything)
Characters - Cadance, Shining Armor, Biff Tannen
Summary - Discover the romantic tale of how Cadance and Shining Armor came to be. Can Shining Armor prove himself worthy to Cadance? Will she choose him over High School Gigachad Buck Withers? Probably.
Quick Review - I enjoy it. Not much to say. Shining Armor belts out some Oingo Boingo for Cadance, and lord knows there is nothing more romantic than singing about how much you love little girls. (6.5/10)

Annual 2013: Equestria Girls (The Fall of Sunset Shimmer)
Characters - Sunset Shimmer, Celestia
Summary - Sunset Shimmer is a magical prodigy. But Celestia will not further her teachings, because despite her prowess, the young sorcerer has much to learn. Sunset believes otherwise.
Quick Review - To everyone clamoring for a proper Sunset backstory and motivation I am proud to announce that this is not it. It's unbelievably vague and generic. It pains me as a massive Shimmerfriend. Also, all the human designs look like ayy lmaos. More so than the show. Hopefully they pick it up in the next EqG comic... (3/10)

FiM #13-14 (My Little Pirate)
Characters - Fluttershy, Mane 6, Hoofbeard
Summary - Fluttershy has become too attached to a fish she rescued, and regrets letting it go. So when a dangerous pirate arrives looking for a crew, she take it is an opportunity to reunite with her fish. Also a pirate adventure thing, Hoofbeard seeks a treasure behind a perilous journey.
Quick Review - Utterly forgettable. I really cannot be bothered to reread it for a review. It was okay I think? (5/10)

FiM #15-16 (The Book Worm)
Characters - Twilight, Mane 6
Summary - A magical bookworm begins devouring his way through Twilight's library. That wouldn't be such an issue (except to Twilight), if the characters from to books didn't begin popping up in the real world. Now Twilight and co must take down the bookworm in it's own domain: The Realm of Books.
Quick Review - I like Pinkie's fantasy world. Another just okay one. Lotta references to other media. Marvel, LoTR, Disney shlock, you get the idea. The void had some solid character moments for Twilight and Rainbow. (6/10)

Friends Forever #1: Pinkie & Applejack
Characters - Take a guess
Summary - In the issue, Applejack and Pinkie Pie enter a baking contest, and culinary hijinks ensue.
Quick Review - Rough start for FF. Predictable and silly. Art here is really not good. However, it does have Guy Fieri pony. (3/10)

Friends Forever #2: CMC & Discord (Highly Recommended)
Characters - CMC, Discord
Summary - Discord takes the crusaders to increasingly dangerous dimensions in their search for a cutie mark.
Quick Review - This one is super sweet. Some of the best Discord showing in the series. The CMC being some of the only ponies to understand and show gratitude towards Discord for his effort is so damn heartwarming. (8/10)

Friends Forever #3: Celestia & Spike (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Celestia, Spike
Summary - Spike wants to get Twilight something nice for her birthday, but the gift he settled on turns out to be slightly hard to come by. He enlists Celestia's help in getting the gift for her student, a gift found deep in the dangerous Crystal Mountains.
Quick Review - By far my favorite portrayal of Celestia. Lot of nice and touching dialogue between her and Spike, and some insight on Celestia's mindset as a ruler and teacher. Shame they went further down the "Celestia is an incompetent and petty klutz" route later on. (8/10)

FiM #17-20 (Reflections) (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Mane 6, Celestia, Starswirl, Sombra
Summary - Celestia has been secretly visiting another dimension for quite some time. A world where good is evil, and evil is good, and she has fallen madly in love with the benevolent King Sombra. A world where she and Luna are villains threatening to take over both dimensions. And it's all her fault.
Quick Review - This one is super polarizing. For me, it's a collection of great ideas utilized poorly. The mirror dimension is a very interesting concept that I wish would be re explored. And i'm content with all the characters. But the climax, touching as it maybe, kinda dampens this one for me. Still, (7/10)

Friends Forever #4: Twilight & Shining Armor
Characters - ^^^^^
Summary - Twilight Sparkle is worried her and Shiny have drifted apart since their foalhoods. An opportunity presents itself to rekindle when her and Shining Armor team up to catch a ghost that haunts the Crystal Empire palace.
Quick Review? - Turns out, there are a lot of FF comics, and a lot of them are pretty inconsequential. There are only so many times I can say, "It was cute. I liked it." before that gets redundant. So unless I have something more to say, i'm gonna reduce these to just Rating and Summary. Pretty good tho. (6/10)

Friends Forever #5: Fluttershy & Zecora
Summary - Fluttershy and Zecora try to figure out why Fluttershy can suddenly hear her animal friends talk. Spoilers: It was Discord. Go figure.
Rating - (4/10)

Friends Forever #6: Rainbow Dash & Trixie
Summary - Rainbow Dash is called upon by a newly crowned Queen Trixie to perform for a kingdom of Diamond Dogs. Turns out being Queen isn't all its cracked up to be.
Rating - I mean, it's got Trixie. (6/10)

FiM #21-22 (Manehattan Mysteries) (Recommended)
Characters - CMC, Babs, Trixie, AJ, Rarity
Summary - Doesn't need one. Trixie and Babs are in it. Go read it.
Quick Review - The relationship between Babs and Trixie here and they parallels they draw from each other are pretty great. I always love those kinds of strange character interactions. (7/10)

Friends Forever #7: Pinkie & Luna
Summary - Princess Luna seeks Pinkie Pie's help in making ponies laugh so she can participate in a Royal Event.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #8: Applejack & Rarity
Summary - Typical Rarijack episode, road trip edition.
Rating - It introduces those stupid bull cowboys. For that (4/10)

FiM Issue 23 (Pets to the Rescue)
Characters - Angel, Winona, Opalescence, Owliscious, Gummi, Tank
Summary - When there owners are nowhere to be found, the pets team up and must set out to find their owners and assist them in whatever magical conundrum they may have found themselves in.
Quick Review - I think the villain here would have been really interesting in almost any other scenario. Other than that, minimal dialogue, and the art isn't exceptional, so (5/10)

Friends Forever #9: Granny & The Flimflam Bros
Summary - Granny Smith helps Flim and Flam patch things up after they have a falling-out over a mare.
Rating - This one is pretty wholesome. (7/10)

FiM Issue 24 (Discord in Time)
Characters - Discord, CMC, Flutters
Summary - Discord take the CMC and Flutterbutter on an a journey through time to show them some animals. Hijinks ensue.
Quick Review - Another really nice Discord issue. He isn't use to having all these friends and watching out for them in his chaos, so he drags them along in his dangerous adventures. He then immediately forgets this lesson. (7/10)

Friends Forever #10: Fluttershy & Iron Will (Major)
Summary - Fluttershy helps Iron Will with has marital problems.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #11: Rainbow Dash & Spitfire
Summary - Rainbow Dash helps Spitfire overcome her greatest fear: Children.
Rating - Art style is cute, but super jarring. (6/10)

FiM #25-26 (The Good, the Bad and the Ponies)
Characters - AJ, Mane 6, Bulls
Summary - Doesn't matter.
Quick Review - Don't read this one. Seriously, it's bad. Nothing really makes sense. Applejack has some sort of brain defect. Twilight arbitrarily cannot use her magic on Equestrian citizens. Even when they are dangerous criminals, apparently? (1/10)

Friends Forever #12: Pinkie & Twilight
Summary - Twilight tries to help Pinkie overcome her harrowing cocaine addiction. When that fails, Twilight starts doing coke herself to make the guilt go away. Pinkie stops doing coke for like five minutes, and Twi considers that a success.
Rating - (4/10)

Equestria Girls Annual 2014: Holiday Special
Characters - Humane 6, Sunset Shimmer, CMC
Summary - The holidays are nearing, and Sunnybun is feeling pretty down in the dumps. The girls try to cheer her up by inviting over for a few nights of debauchery. This cheers her up a bit. So, the Humane 5 go home on the shortbus and Sunny walks home, finally content with herself. Meanwhile the CMC decide that Sunset is keeping them from spending time with their sisters(?) and start a social media account in her name, called Anon-A-Miss, which they use to spread explicit photos of their sisters from the "sleepovers" and frame Sunset. Everyone in the school begin to tragically suffer from severe mental deficiencies and buy it immediately. Because the chick who just saved all of your sorry asses from soul sucking harlots like a week ago is going to post shit about her friends with her fucking face attached to the account.
Quick Review - I really wish I could shit on this more, but I got quite a bit to get through. (-3/10)

Friends Forever #13: Rarity & Babs Seed
Summary - In the issue, Rarity must entertain Babs Seed when Sweetie Belle falls ill. Turns out Babs idea of entertainment is different than Rarity's.

FiM #27-28 (The Root of the Problem) (Major)
Characters - Mane 6, Bramble, King Aspen
Summary - The Everfree spontaneously begins protruding into Ponyville. At the root of this problem, the druid-esque Deers who wish to reclaim the parts of their forest that were lost.
Quick Review - The Deer are really neat, and having them be the night elves of Equestria is a fun concept. But the deer people kind of get the shaft, and most of the story focuses on the avaricious minotuar Well-to-do. (6.5/10)

Friends Forever #14: Luna & Spike
Summary - In the issue, Princess Luna enlists Spike's help in solving a dragon problem in Fillydelphia.
Rating - Luna and Spike spend three pages together, and the rest of the story is focused on an annoying pink fangirl dragon. (4/10)

Friends Forever #15: Applejack & Mayor Mare
Summary - In this issue, politics are boring.
Rating - (5/10)

FiM Issue #29 (Ponymania XXIX)
Characters - Cheerilee, Cherry Blossom
Summary - Cheerilee reunites with her twin sister—one of the most famous wrestlers in Equestria. But when Cherry Blossom gets injured, Cheerilee is forced to take her place in the ring.
Quick Review - As with most Jay Fosgitt's stuff, cute, but a lot of fluff and not much to carry an interesting story. (6/10)

FIENDship is Magic #1: King Sombra (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Sombra, Radiant Hope
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance discover King Sombra's diary and learn of his rise to power. But before that, how he was a sickly outcast, a troubled young amnesiac whose only friend was the equally strange Radiant Hope, who still had imaginary friends.
Quick Review - Much needed backstory for Sombra, and very well done at that. His connection to Radiant Dawn feels genuine, and his corruption by way of shitty crystal ball is absolutely tragic. My dude just wanted to go the Crystal Faire ): Also Princess Amore fucking dies. (9/10)

FIENDship is Magic #2: Tirek (Recommended)
Characters - Tirek, Scorpan, Sendak
Summary - Tirek, young and ambitious, sneaks out of his royal families castle to visit the unhinged sorcerer Sendak to learn more about magic. Scorpan is worried about his brothers ambitions.
Quick Review - Doesn't add much character depth to Tirek, but it's suitable. Presents a lot of cool ideas not explored as thoroughly as they could be. Leaves a lot up to interpretation and head canon. (7/10)

FIENDship is Magic #3: Sirens (Non-Canon)
Characters - The Dazzlings, Starswirl
Summary - The fate of the world is determined by a music battle, and if the Dazzlings win, all is lost. This is not Rainbow Rocks.
Quick Review - Not a single character acts in character, and while the other Fiendship issues are take themselves pretty seriously, this one is drastically different tonally and opts for comedy. Which really sucks, because I wanted actual backstories for the Sirens. Humor falls flat as well. (2/10)

FIENDship is Magic #4: Nightmare Moon
Characters - Nightmare Moon, Nyx (Not that Nyx)
Summary - A recently banished Nightmare Moon attempts exacts revenge on Princess Celestia through the world of dreams. The Nyx, the keepers of the dreams, will not allow it.
Quick Review - I much prefer Nightmare Moon as a manifestation of Luna's negative emotions over depictions a corrupting parasitic entity. Story is serviceable, a bit sad, nothing noteworthy. (6/10)

FIENDship is Magic #5: Queen Chrysalis (Major)
Characters - Twilight, Chrysalis
Summary - The Mane Six visit the imprisoned Queen Chrysalis, who recounts her past exploits.
Quick Review - Case of unreliable narrator here. Chrysalis implies that changelings are made of pure dark magic, which is an idea I actually quite like, but having them reform like they did would say otherwise. Story is sorta all over, like a Chrysalis anthology short. (6/10)

Friends Forever #16: Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon
Summary - Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon compete against the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a scavenger hunt.
Rating - Smokin' hot goth pony makes an appearance. (7/10)

FiM #30-31 (Ponyville Days)
Characters - Rarity, AJ, Twilight
Summary - Civil War over a land dispute or something, can't really be bothered with this one.
Quick Review - As far as I remember, this is one of the issues that gives everyone in Ponyville a crippling case of "has to wear a helmet while outside". Dumbing down characters to make a story work is obnoxious. (3/10)

Friends Forever #17: Twilight & Big Mac
Summary - Twilight takes a trip into Big Mac's brain to learn how to focus as well as he does.
Rating - (7/10)

Friends Forever #18: Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy
Summary - Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to their flight camp reunion.
Rating - Pretty adorable. (7/10)

FiM #32-33 (Night of the Living Apples)
Characters - Mane 6, Spike
Summary - Apples take over Ponyville. Our heroes turn into bats. This is not a crackfic.
Quick Review - Batpony designs are pretty damn cool. Story is whatever. (5/10)

FiM #32-33 (Night of the Living Apples)
Summary - Rarity gets carried away when she goes into business with Mr. and Mrs. Cake.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #20: Luna & Discord (Recommended)
Summary - Princess Luna helps Discord when he has trouble sleeping.
Rating - Neat character dynamic. Good stuff for Luna and Discord. (8/10)

FiM #34-37 (Siege of the Crystal Empire) (Major) (Non-canon) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Sombra, Mane 6, Chryssi, Umbrums
Summary - A mysterious new villain brings several of the series' past antagonists together to attack the Crystal Empire.
Quick Review - I want to keep my gushing about this one brief. The umbrum design and lore are some of the best things to come out of the comics. This Sombra is infinitely better than the one in the show. I definitely didn't cry at the end because i'm a big boy. (9/10)

Friends Forever #21: Spike & Zecora
Summary - Spike and Zecora save Ponyville from a disease, and only they are immune.
Rating - (7/10)

Friends Forever #22: Celestia & Pinkie
Summary - Princess Celestia tasks Pinkie Pie with making the perfect cake for Princess Luna's birthday party.
Rating - Barely any Celestia. (4/10)

Friends Forever #23: Applejack & Fluttershy
Summary - Applejack and Fluttershy become involved in the search for a legendary creature called the Pigasus. They must keep its existence a secret.
Rating - No Kirin (5/10)

Friends Forever #24: Rarity & Gilda
Summary - Gilda enlists Rarity's help in designing uniforms for a new sports team in Griffonstone.
Rating - (6/10)

FiM #38-39 (Don't You Forget About Us)
Characters - CMC, Diamond Tiara, Snips, Snails
Summary - The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Snips, and Snails become lost in the mountains during a class field trip. AB and Diamond Tiara are forced to learn how to work together.

Friends Forever #25: Rainbow Dash & Twilight
Summary - Rainbow Dash seeks Twilight Sparkle's help after her wings mysteriously vanish.
Rating - Weird body horror. (7/10)

Friends Forever #26: Shining Armor & Prince Blueblood
Summary - Shining Armor is forced to work with Prince Blueblood on a diplomatic mission to Yakyakistan.
Rating - Holy shit they made Blueblood redeemable. (8/10)

FiM Issue #40 (Twilight meets Spike)
Characters - Twilight, Spike
Summary - You know, it's exactly how it sounds.
Quick Review - Very cute. (7/10)

Friends Forever #27: Pinkie & Granny Smith (Recommended)
Summary - Pinkie Pie offers to help Granny Smith after she breaks her hip right at the start of cider season.
Rating - Precious. (7/10)

FiM Issue #41 (Rainbow Dash and the Very Bad Day)
Characters - Zecora, Rainbow
Summary - Rainbow Dash is being a c**t, and enrages literally everybody else in Ponyville. In other words, they captured her character just right in this one.
Quick Review - I like rhyme schemes, but I hate bluefast. (4/10)

Friends Forever #28 Princess Luna and the Cutie Mark Crusaders
Summary - The Cutie Mark Crusaders assist Princess Luna during a foal slumber party at Canterlot Castle.
Rating - I like bone pony. (6/10)

FiM Issue #42 (A Pinkie Pie Story That Pinkie Pie Kinda Sorta Remembers) (Recommended)
Characters - Rarara, Ponker Po
Summary - Pinker Pop, still cooling off from her ten month long cocaine binge, tries to help Rarity make a gift for a friend very special to her.
Quick Review - Very cute, very funny, cried. (8/10)

Friends Forever #29 Rarity and Maud Pie
Summary - Rarity assists Maud Pie in her rock science interests and helps her discover her inner enthusiasm.
Rating - Nice Maud character development. (7/10)

FiM Issue #43-45 (Ponies of Dark Water) (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Mane 6, Luna, CMC, Spike
Summary - The Mane 6 bathe in cursed waters and become distorted versions of themselves. Pinkie Pie becomes a domestic terrorist.
Quick Review - I like the part where Pinkie bombs a movie theater potentially killing dozens of ponies. Hilarious. (8/10)

Friends Forever #30 Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance
Summary - Twilight Sparkle helps her sister-in-law Princess Cadance when she suffers from an unexplained lack of self-esteem.
Rating - I quite like this little arc for Cadance. (7/10)

Friends Forever #31 Rainbow Dash and Little Strongheart
Summary - Little Strongheart seeks Rainbow Dash's help in finding a legendary creature called the Rainbow Crow.
Rating - Little Strongheart, where ya been for six years dude? Beautiful art. (7/10)

Friends Forever #32 Fluttershy and Daring Do
Summary - Daring Do enlists Fluttershy's help in uncovering an ancient treasure. She must also face her arachnophobia.
Rating - Better than the actual Flutters/Do episode. (7/10)

FiM Issue #46-47 (Election)
Characters - Twilight, Mayor Mare, Donald Trump
Summary - Mayor Mare struggles in her bid for reelection, against definitely not Donald Trump guys I swear.
Quick Review - Haha I lied, but like I totally got you though right? Like it was super subtle? I bet you didn't even catch on. (5/10)

Friends Forever #33 Applejack and Cherry Jubilee
Summary - Applejack learns the secret history of Cherry Jubilee.
Rating - Cherry Jubilee is pretty hot. (6/10)

FiM Issue #48-50 (Chaos Theory) (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Discord, Starlight, Mane 6
Summary - An astronomical event causes Discord to transform from a creature of chaos to a being of pure order. But not all is at seems with the newly minted Accord.
Quick Review - Starlight gets one arc throughout all of these comics. luckily it's pretty good. She gets some good character growth. Accord is pretty god damn terrifying. Actual sound logic is used to best the villain, which is pretty rare. (8/10)

Friends Forever #34 Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Summary - Pinkie Pie and Cheese are eaten by a possessed party house. Seriously.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #35 Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer's attempt to organize the books in the Castle of the Two Sisters turns into a battle of egos.
Rating - This would have been much better is not illustrated by Fosgitt. It doesn't suit this more weighty type of story. (7/10)

Friends Forever #36 Rainbow Dash and Soarin (Recommended)
Summary - Rainbow Dash follows Soarin to a remote location to help him with a dangerous mission.
Rating - Great Soarin and Spitfire moments. (8/10)

Friends Forever #37 Rarity and Trixie
Summary - Dude, it's got two of the best pones. Read it.
Rating - (7/10)

FiM Issue #51-53 (From the Shadows) (Major)
Characters - Mane 6, Donut Steel
Summary - The edgiest OC to ever exist begins to erase Equestrian history from books and minds, in fear of his heritage catching up to him.
Quick Review - Super interesting villain motivation, terribly generic villain design. (7/10)

My Little Pony: Deviations
Characters - Prince Blueblood, Mane 6, Nightmare Moon
Summary - Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Prince Blueblood was sent to Ponyville instead of Twiliight? No? Too bad, dude.
Summary - I would have loved to have gotten more deviations. Read about Blueblood being an arrogant prick for half an hour. It's fine. (6/10)

Friends Forever #38 Princess Celestia and Princess Luna (Recommended)
Summary - Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's minor squabbling escalates just before they plan to participate in the Sisterhooves Social.
Quick Review - Friends Forever Finale. Andy Price outdoes himself yet again. Hilarious and Heartwarming. (8/10)

FiM Issue #54 (I Didn't Read This One)
Summary - No seriously, didn't read it. Fosgitt, Fluttershy, fluff, the three F's of i'm going to be fucking bored. Maybe it's a masterpiece. I'll never know.

FiM Issue #55-56 (Wings Over Yakyakistan)
Characters - Rainbow, Rutherford, Ember, Spike, Pinkie
Summary - When the dragons invade Yakyakistan over an ancient treaty, it's up to heroes to defend the Yaks and try and diffuse the situation. Spike doesn't like the idea of fighting his own kind.
Quick Review - Let it be known that I would have been totally cool with the Yaks getting destroyed. Typical let go of the past, look to the future stuff. Rainbow's parents are here, and they are fun, and Spitfire gets a bit of extra love, so (7/10)

FiM Issue #57 (Apinkalypse Now)
Characters - Pinkie, Mane 6, Discord
Summary - Pinkie Pie accidentally becomes trapped in Discord's realm. If you wanted to see more of Chaos Pinkie, then here you go.
Quick Review - I really like the how the chaos dimension is shown in the comic, in that adapts to the current owner if they themselves can't be turned. You'll notice by this point the writers will do whatever in their power to make sure Starlight can be written out somehow. (7/10)

FiM Issue #58 (The Vines That Bind)
Characters - Twi, Flutts, Zecora, Cattail, Aqua Vine
Summary - Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Zecora follow the notes of Mage Meadowbrook search for a flower said to cure any ailment. The search soon becomes an obsession for Twilight, determined to get her name in the history books.
Quick Review - Dude, Twilight, you already saved the world at least seven times. That Magenta Bloom shit would just be a footnote. Overall pretty forgettable. (5/10)

FiM Issue #59 (Pie in the Sky)
Characters - Rainbow, Pinkie
Summary - Jesus Christ Pinkie she doesn't fucking like pie. We had a whole episode about just this. We didn't need a comic to teach the same lesson. That's a;lso your review. (3/10)

FiM Issue #60 (The Stars on Our Ponies)
Characters - CMC, Gilded Lily
Summary - The Cutie Mark Crusaders help a filly who doesn't want to follow in her family's footsteps. But she is scared to disappoint them if she does pursue her own interest.
Quick Review - Gilded Lily's design is absolutely adorable. She also looks like she tastes pretty good, like Oranges n' Creme. Solid one-off. (7/10)

FiM Issue #61-62 (Convocation of the Creatures!) (Major)
Characters - Twilight, Raven
Summary - Twilight Sparkle makes a discovery during the largest assembly of creatures in history that threatens to redraw the map of Equestria.
Quick Review - Glenda canonically has a stutter, making her best changeling. Good bit of overbuilding in this one, without falling into the common trap of making the convocation feel too modern. (7/10)

FiM Issue #63 (All in Marederation)
Characters - Twilight, Pinkie, Temperance
Summary - Ponyville gets swept by an anti-sugar movement that threatens to put Sugarcube Corner out of business.
Quick Review - MLP's thinly veiled take on the Temperance Movement. Another one where all of Ponyville is turned into exceptional individuals. (4/10)

FiM Issue #64 (Everything Old) (Recommended)
Characters - Rarity, Fluttershy, Coco Pommel
Summary - Fluttershy and Rarity travel to Manehattan, where Rarity discovers that old, ugly fashions are back in style.
Quick Review - I absolutely adore the message here. Things you made when you were younger that you maybe embarrassed of now don't have to be cast aside and forgotten. Rather, look to them to see how you have improved and how you can still improve. Coco is a QT. (8/10)

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Annual 2018 (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - The Pillars, Pony of Shadows
Summary - The Pillars of Old Equestria face a new danger that tests their skills as a team. One that they may find feels a bit like a deja vu.
Quick Review - I really like the relationship between Stygian and Rockhoof here. I wonder if Starswirl was always meant to be a dickhead? Green Pony of Shadows looks badass as fuck. Also, Somnambula is cute as hell. (7/10)
Edit - Consider there are twelve of these. I am not awake enough to add them all. Read' em. They're pretty good lore stuffs.

FiM Issue #65 (Queen for One Less Day) (Recommended)
Characters - Celestia, Scarlet Petal
Summary - Princess Celestia disguises herself to live among ordinary ponies for a day. But when her magical necklace is stolen by a thief, she may lose the ability to turn back into herself for good.
Quick Review - I love this comic. Shows off the best parts of Celestia's character. I'm running out of synonyms for heartwarming, so just go read this one. (8/10)

FiM Issue #66 (Applewood Follies)
Characters - Mane 6
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover that a film is being made about them. But when the director hands them the reins, they discover it's harder to make a movie than they thought.
Quick Review - I'm really not a fan of more modern tech in Equestria. I don't mind it at all if it's used as a background gag, but here, where it's the plot of the comic, I just find it obtrusive.

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 1
Characters - CMC, Nurse Redheart
Summary - "Welcome to a new series of mystery and intrigue! The Cutie Mark Crusaders discover their inner detectives and solve crimes nopony else can! Will they be able to discover who is stealing supplies from Ponyville hospital and get their schoolwork done at the same time?"
Quick Review - None of these are particularly engaging, so I won't review the rest. When I figure these mysteries out all by myself like the grown man I am I feel particularly proud, like I just solved a crossword puzzle they have on those Kiddie menus at iHop.

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 2
Characters - CMC, The Dude
Summary - "There's a major mystery at the... bowling alley? Ponyville's team is set to break a bowling record, but the alley keeps being ransacked by a mystery criminal! Will the Cutie Mark Crusaders be able to set the pins right and solve the caper?"

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 3
Characters - CMC, Old People
Summary - "The Cutie Mark Crusaders must solve a dangerous mystery at the Ponyville Retirement Village before it's forced to close! Is one of the curmudgeonly residents to blame or could it be a villain from their past?"

FiM Issue #67-68 (Tempest's Tale) (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Tempest, Cadance, Glitter Drops
Summary - Tempest Shadow travels across Equestria to learn more about friendship and comes face-to-face with her past.
Quick Review - These issues do wonder for Tempest's previously scarce character. If your a fan of Tempest, or especially if your not a fan of Tempest, check these out. Smug Cadance is best Cadance. (8/10)

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 4
Characters - CMC, Applejack
Summary - "The Cutie Mark Crusaders are trying to solve the case of the missing spa water! But what happens when all signs point to a member of a Crusader's own family being the culprit?"

FiM Issue #69 (Magical Apple)
Characters - Pinkie, Mane 6
Summary - Pinkie gets god powers. Again. Didn't we do this already?
Quick Review - Oh, Pinkie, maybe someday somebody will figure out how to write you well again. (4/10)

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 5
Characters - CMC, Rarity
Summary - "The Crusaders have their biggest case yet when a priceless artifact belonging to superstar Songbird Serenade is stolen!"

FiM Issue #70 (Extreme Bingo)
Characters - Golden Horseshoe Gals, Rainbow, AJ
Summary - Grannies Gone Wild 2!
Quick Review - Grannies Gone Wild 2! (5/10)

FiM Issue #71 (Happy Haunts)
Characters - Student 6
Summary - Twilight Sparkle's School of Friendship students experience Nightmare Night in Ponyville for the first time. Things don't exactly go as planned.
Quick Review - I hate this issue. Not because it's bad, but because we are teased with infinitely more interesting stories. I want to see the princesses on Nightmare Night, like the cover! I want to see Shim and Glim's NN, like on the first page! Fucking cocktease. (4/10)

FiM Issue #72 (Pie in the Sky, Again)
Characters - Pinkie, AJ, Pear Butter
Summary - Applejack discovers an old Apple family pie recipe and seeks to recreate it for Granny Smith. Along the way, they meet ponies who her mom has touched in her life. I wouldn't mind being touched by Pear Butter.
Quick Review - Standard. Wholesome. Sweet. (7/10)

My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Luna, Stygian, Trixie, Capper, Tempest, Daybreaker, Eris
Summary - Princess Luna assembles a team of former villains to face a new threat to Equestria.
Quick Review - I cannot recommend this arc enough. Every single character gets a chance to shine. Stygian gets much need development. Eris and Daybreaker make a menacing evil duo. The villain casino makes a great setting. Sunset Shimmer gets a cameo. (Even though her and Starlight are once again shafted.) Capper absolutely steals the show. Tempest is a bit more brutish than she usually is, but as we don't know much about her anyway, that's a very minor gripe. (9/10)

FiM Issue #73 (Copycats)
Characters - Fluttershy, Twilight
Summary - A magical amulet causes Fluttershy to become more animalistic.
Quick Review - I have no idea what the fuck what went on in this issue or why. It's a mess. (3/10)

FiM Issue #74 (On the Mane Stage) (Recommended)
Characters - Zephyr, Fluttershy, Silverstream, Pixie Cut
Summary - Fluttershy's brother Zephyr Breeze attends the All-Equestria Mane Styling Conference.
Quick Review - Even Zephyr Breeze can snag a qtπ hairstylist gf. There is hope for us yet, bros. Could you tell i'm down a third of a bottle of Grey Goose by this point? (7/10)

FiM Issue #75-78 (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Cosmos, Twilight, Discord, Fluttershy
Summary - The Mane Six's quest for the fallen stars of a missing constellation puts them on a collision course with their most galactic adversary yet. Discord's clingy ex wife who still hasn't received any child support.
Quick Review - They don't even bother to write Starlight out anymore. She just doesn't exist. Cosmos isn't as fun of a villain as Eris or the Storm King, but she's serviceable. I do like her design. Discord puts his past behind him for good physically and metaphorically. (7/10)

FiM Issue #79 (The Ponyville Anniversary Spectacular) (Highly Recommended) (Major!)
Characters - Sunset Shimmer, I don't know I don't remember the rest
Summary - Fuck you it has Shim Sham.
Quick Review - Sunnybutt jams out on a guitar at the end. (11/10)

My Little Pony: Spirit of the Forest
Characters - CMC, Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara, Mayor Mare
Summary - Something about a forest mystery?
Quick Review - Lackluster follow up to the amazing Nightmare Knights. Stop giving the CMC mini series you hacks. (4/10)

FiM Issue #80 (Live-Action Role Pony!)
Characters - Mane 6, Bulk Biceps
Summary - The Mane Six play a live-action role-playing game. The usual Pinkie hijinks ensue.
Quick Review - I'm so use to using LARP as an insult now, it's weird to see it in an endearing manner. Fun little adventure issue. (6/10)

FiM Issue #81 (Pretty Fly)
Characters - Scootaloo, Rumble, Rainbow, Wind Sock
Summary - Scootaloo and Rumble learn about the only Earth pony to become a member of the Wonderbolts.
Quick Review - Heartwarming. Seriously, someone get me thesaurus. (6.5/10)

FiM Issue #82 (Dog-Dog-Dogged Determination)
Characters - Rarity, Mane 6, Celestia, Cerberus
Summary - Rarity is tasked with giving Cerberus obedience training after he leaves his post at Tartarus again.
Quick Review - Dude, Rares, never change. (6/10)

FiM Issue #83 (The Strange Case of Silver Blaze)
Characters - Twilight, Spike
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and Spike investigate when a famous racing tortoise goes missing.
Quick Review - Less Sherlock Holmes and more Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. This is a good thing. (6/10)

My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Student Six, Swift Foot
Summary - Come one, come all, to the School of Friendship's very first sporting event-the Feats of Friendship! As Sandbar, Smolder, Gallus, Ocellus, Yona, and Silverstream prepare for the new competition, they realize they're going to need one more pony to round out their team. Enter Swift Foot, a mysterious new exchange student! But will she help strengthen the Young Six's bonds of friendship-or just drive them apart? Jealousy threatens our favorite youngsters in this brand-new miniseries!
Quick Review - This is by far and away my favorite Student 6 depiction in the franchise. It shows off very well how far they have come and how well they work together as friends and individuals. Swift Hoof makes for a great antagonist, trying to plant seeds of resentment but realizing that it doesn't work on the students and realizing her own faults. Dom Athenian Warrior waifu also included. (8.5/10)

FiM Issue #84 (Identity Crisis)
Characters - Ocellus
Summary - Ocellus struggles to complete a big project for the School of Friendship midterm.
Quick Review - Man, I wish my problem was that I was so booksmart I had trouble fitting it all into my creative outlets. What a fucking struggle that would be. But I understand wanting to be a perfectionist, and that sucks. Amazing insight as usual by me. (5/10)

FiM Issue #85 (Apple Bobbing)
Characters - AJ, AB, Big Mac
Summary - Applejack teaches Apple Bloom the meaning of courage by telling her the story of how she conquered her fear of the water when she was little.
Quick Review - A whole lot of touching moments between AJ and AB. A very cozy little story if you ignore the giant spider. (7/10)

FiM Issue #86 (Marble and a Hard Place)
Characters - Maud, Marble Pinkie
Summary - Pinkie Pie and Maud Pie help their sister Marble make friends by helping her throw a party.
Quick Review - I love the Pie family, dude. The chemistry between them is something we don't get to see often enough. (6.5/10)

FiM Issue #87-88 (The Fast and the Furriest)
Characters - Big Mac, Rainbow, Angel
Summary - Rainbow Dash and Big McIntosh take part in the Draytona Breach 500, which an antiquities dealer uses as cover to smuggle a priceless artifact.
Quick Review - Meh. (6/10)

I can finally pass out now.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 26: Arpeggi VS Nalksi

The results are in for Match 24.
Both sides were starting to show signs of exhaustion. Max, no matter what he did, couldn’t push back the titaness in front of him who was looking much worse for wear physically, yet was still standing strong.
[Work It] whipped out one of its wrappings and Elliot made a launch for the lever. Max intercepted, using his own body weight and his stand as a deterrent, but to no avail against the unstoppable force that was Elliott.
They both went flying to the front of the trolley, Elliott powering through the electric current passing through her, while Max himself was effectively pinned by Elliott’s arm and the front wall.
A struggle ensued, feeling like it lasted for an eternity. Slowly but surely, Elliott managed to get a wrapping around the lever, and was pulling it towards her.
The trolley kept speeding along.
Time felt as if it was going in slow motion, and the trolley was heading towards the museum when the lever flipped all the way. However, the back wheels had yet to pass the intersection.
The two fighters were launched towards the door as momentum suddenly shifted. The trolley derailed, flipping end over end. Forgetting about the fight, Elliot and Max, were holding each other and onto whatever they could find for dear life.
The trolley had crashed through a large glass panel, its own windows starting to shatter from the impact. Now sliding along the ground at a quickly decreasing speed, the trolley made its way through its final destination, the hall in which Los Fortuna’s largest fruit cart and glass panel convention was being held, with a loud CRACK! THUD! CRASH!
Commotion could be heard outside and a man could be heard yelling about his precious produce. The two released their grip from each other, Max having had his ribcage slightly crushed and Elliott having had her hair singed on top of the other injuries they had both suffered in their fight.
Max coughed and made a weak smile, still slightly out of breath, “I think… we can call this...a draw.”
Elliott just weakly nodded, less winded but still woozy, “Yeah, maybe we can go get dinner together. Call it my apology for this whole thing.”
“I’ll… Consider it,” Max answered, thankful at least that nobody seemed to be physically injured by the crash.
The match is a draw, with both parties earning a score of 71!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Baker Street Rat Pack 17-13
Quality Baker Street Rat Pack 23-20 Reasoning
JoJolity Sharp Lookers 21-28 Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10
Elliot and Max, despite everything, had a decent time of things, a sort of respect having mutually come of their shows of force in the brief runaway trolley trip, and when the time came for them to part ways, it was on decent terms, even if in the long run the methods of their teams were still so very radically different.
However, even as for once in the manmade islands that were Downtown Los Fortuna, nobody else was discovered to have died today, the pair were not the only ones to have had their eyes on the trolley.
Some saw in the crash opportunity, while others saw further reaffirmation of all that they stood for and deemed necessary.
The problem of the trolley has been resolved in this delicious way, but elsewhere, other vehicles speed out of control. In the furthest-off mountains of the Metropolitan Outskirts, two pairs fight in their cars, protected by the Angel they were pursuing.
An alleyway on the northern edge of Sound’s Garden, 7:34 PM
With a loud thud, Arpeggi Osso Buco slammed the head of a mugger into a wall, standing by some sort of small, barely-legal casino. The mugger had come up to him and demanded money at knifepoint, likely to fund his gambling addiction or something like that. The mugger had no idea what he was up against, swiftly getting disarmed and defeated, Arpeggi not even needing to bring out NEXT LEVEL.
“Arpeggi, calm down. This anger isn’t helping you fight better - it’s making you reckless. What would you have done if your opponent had a stand? You have to remain cautious and prepared for all eventualities.” NEXT LEVEL chided once the fight was over. “Yeah, yeah, I know, and I’m trying, but… Whatever. I’ll do better next time.” Arpeggi responded, NEXT LEVEL clearly not content with the response.
As usual, Arpeggi was tired, stressed, and more than mildly annoyed even before the mugger’s attack. Somehow, since he came to the city, the rate of people who tried to mug him in random alleyways around the city had seemed to drastically increase, and he was sick of it. Perhaps he needed to avoid alleyways altogether. Then again, he had come to Sound’s Garden to dish out some vigilante justice for such people, so maybe sticking to alleyways was the right call.
Though he had only been in Los Fortuna for a couple of months, it didn’t take long for Arpeggi to realize that focusing more on Sound’s Garden during his stints as a vigilante would be a good idea. He’d caught onto faint rumors of underground fighting rings and other such places, contract killers and bizarre games which his allies brushed perilously against and barely survived, but even when ignoring the district’s underground he found plenty of work to keep him busy.
With a sigh, he began making his way out the alleyway, before hearing a rustling from behind him. Someone was there. Quickly turning around, he spotted a figure moving through the alleyway at a distance, and then disappearing into a wall. It was cast in shadow, and yet he could tell that there was something… off, about it. It was almost humanoid, distorted and warped, and through the shadow, it had a red, almost fleshlike color. Moreover, he couldn’t help but notice the pungent smell it gave off.
“... Nex, suit me up.” Arpeggi quietly said, taking slow steps towards where he last spotted the figure. After transforming, and with NEXT LEVEL forming around him, Arpeggi made his way over, remaining alert and keeping a fighting stance, prepared for any sudden attack. Reaching the spot, he saw nothing. Whatever had been there before was gone. Suddenly, he heard something from right behind him -
Click. Click. Click.
The smell having grown even more overwhelming, Arpeggi quickly turned around, spinning and driving a fist into what was behind him, only for the strike to do… nothing. Despite the increased strength NEXT LEVEL gave Arpeggi, the figure, now looming over him, its malformed skin and so many eyes upon him now quite visible, quickly recovered. With a quick movement of its arm, it stabbed NEXT LEVEL’s rubber sleeves with something, and Arpeggi lost consciousness.
A street on the northern edge of Sound’s Garden, 7:36 PM
Following Alexis and Cybil’s successful foray into the world of theater a few weeks back, the Judecca Highrollers had heard of a secretive underground fighting ring that operated from within Sound’s Garden. From what Nalksi Stracciella had heard, it certainly was not to her taste, but she needed to know more about it, and to that end, she had sent one of the few members of Focolare that had come to spread their mission in Los Fortuna to seek it out and to gather information.
With Nalksi having already had business in the area as the CEO of Taicarn, she had decided to meet up with said member afterwards, organizing a meeting spot and taking time out of her schedule to take in the information that they had gathered. Fifteen minutes past the specified time for the meeting and with no contact from the information gatherer, it was clear that the meeting wasn’t going to happen. It made her apprehensive, certainly; people loyal to her were not the types to simply blow a meeting off, but every follower she had here was in a sensitive position, and she couldn’t simply send more the problem’s way. As it was, she had no leads.
And so, she walked through the street, cars and people alike passing her by. Her ride back to the Eighth Circle was a couple of minutes away, leaving her to walk alone through the bustling streets of Sound’s Garden, taking in the sights. Unfortunately, the sights weren’t much to take in - many drunk partygoers, many desperate people who lost their savings in casinos, and many overwhelming neon lights, which, in Nalksi’s opinion, were somewhat garish.
As Nalksi walked, however, she spotted someone, walking right past her. He stood at 6’6”, broad-shouldered, bald-headed with dirty blond facial hair which had been kept to a stylish stubble. His vest had odd shoulder pads, and his sunglasses hid his eyes well, yet he seemed unafraid.
While he was not a man he had met in person, she had heard much of this man and seen his reprehensible face - this was none other than the suburb of Aurelio’s very own serial killer, and an all-around frustratingly aesthetically skilled home designer, Mr. Jones. She’d heard much of the spectacle of the personal “game” he had set up and streamed on Bifrost, both from her teammate who had gotten caught up in it and from the ones that had watched it (Bucket in particular seemed particularly enthused about it, even paying extra to boost the server’s stream quality and be able to see Manta “getting the shit kicked out of them”, in his words, live as it happened).
Nalksi turned to get a better look of him, but as she hurried after him, she couldn’t find him within the crowd any more. Mr. Jones... She couldn’t help but think of what he might have been doing in the entertainment district. He was scum, toying with others for his own amusement and making a spectacle out of it. In tandem with the district’s seedier underbelly. Nalksi’s displeasure with the fact that Manta had let the killer go increased even further, seeing the man walk free like this, even look quite relaxed in the brief glances heard.
A distorted voice, yet still familiar, came from behind her.
“We had a feeling you’d be in the area, Stracciella. What a stroke of luck we bumped into each other, though… A good stroke for me, less so for you, I guess.”
Nalksi turned around, trying to spot Jones, but he was nowhere to be seen.
“Whoops, missed me! You just have the worst luck with meetings today, don’t ya?”
Nalksi turned and turned, but always he seemed just behind her, surer-footed with his Stand, likely, than she could be now. She didn’t want to do this in public, but the situation seemed desperate, and if anyone in this crowd gave a damn what Mr. Jones was doing, they sure didn’t say a thing. She would need to match him and overpower him, use her Stand, maybe. But even then, where the hell was he? The crowd was busy, but not busy enough to completely obscure him from her watchful gaze, and yet he had managed to disappear. He must’ve used his stand to-
Click. Click. Click.
As she turned behind herself to look again, from the ground in front of Nalksi rose the enormous, distorted arm of Conqueror Worm, giant eye-sporting hand and all, holding onto something. Nalksi quickly tried to double back, but not in time, as the Worm reached out and quickly stabbed her with the odd object he was holding. Before Nalksi passed out, the crowd passing over and ignoring her, she just barely managed to catch a glimpse of it - a small and inconspicuous pen.
The last thing she heard as something engulfed her was a reassurance. “Hey, don’t panic now… I won’t be the one to hurt ya, after all, so you might just stand a chance.”
An intersection by the edge of Sound’s Garden, 7:52 PM
With throbbing headaches, both Nalksi and Arpeggi woke up, finding themselves on a concrete sidewalk. Getting up, they saw each other, a few meters of distance between them. Around them were still the bustling streets of Sound’s Garden, right by a large and bustling intersection. Still somewhat weary, they noticed a familiar smell.
“You’re finally awake! Guess what, you two, ya passed out hard, and now it’s rush hour and you’re so very very far from home!”
That disturbed voice was enough, of course, to fully wake both of these people up, as well as the horrible smell - they were so damn close to the seemingly invincible Conqueror Worm. Dazed, confused, and aware they were under some sort of effect, though neither was the type who quite accepted being so brazenly screwed around with, they had a feeling it would be useless to do anything but let him peacock until it was time to explain what the hell was happening.
“Alright, we rolling? Send your pogs in the chat if the stream is comin’ out A-O-Kay!” Worm waited a few moments, then, and his wide maw turned into something resembling an amused grin. “Great, alright, good! Welcome to your inaugural stream, the start of a new era for Sound’s Garden… Rigged together by yours truly to be completely free of any Internet monitoring types, with my own proprietary systems in place keeping any of you deep web viewers at home or elsewhere from being spotted! And introducing to you our contestants here, Arpeggi Osso Buco and Nalksi Stracciella! The humble Agora Row pastry chef and the hash-tag-girl-boss of that coalition making waves by our waterside, you might be asking, ‘what do these two have in common? Well, you didn’t hear it from ol’ Wormy, but I hear both of them have some pretty involved double lives that have made them little blips on the big boss’ radar!”
“He’s just…” Arpeggi was confused now, as the man gallivanted around the nearby intersection, muttering quietly to himself and, coincidentally, to the nearby Nalksi. “He’s parading around in the streets… Do the people driving seriously not notice this? They aren’t even swerving around him!”
“That… I’m not sure it’s so simple,” Nalksi said, putting her thoughts together, under the impression they were having a conversation, “because I also ran into him in a crowd, earlier, and even when he started taunting me, throwing that Stand around, and even bystanders didn’t seem to think twice. But his Stand is the type normal people can interact with… Isn’t it?”
“Quite proudly in fact!” Worm called out loudly, pointing his extended arm, hand, finger, and an eyeball on his palm Nalksi’s way, the anonymous stream viewers hearing a bell dinging to imply a correct answer edited in. He started to saunter on over, shrugging and idly fiddling with a pen in his hand. Arpeggi tried to step away slightly, still yet to activate his Stand, while Nalksi stood her ground. “So that is quite the contradiction, right? What on earth could the answer to all this beTHINK FAST!”
He wound his arm, and suddenly he was cleaving at Arpeggi with an enormous, lengthy swinging axe, meant to fit on an enormous ceiling, the blade hitting him square in the neck, while the nearby Nalksi, much less agile, simply was grabbed by the head and callously tossed into the street in front of a semi truck.
Both sounds made a resounding thud, and the truck felt its balance thrown off for a moment, before skidding to a halt in the middle of the road. An auburn haired, middle-aged woman with a soothing voice, wearing overalls and a cap, stepped out of the vehicle, running over to where Nalksi previously was. “Wh-what the hell?! Did someone get thrown in front of me, or-?”
Nalksi, after getting flung by the car, got up, completely unharmed, if a little shocked and trying to collect herself. She muttered to herself, “I’m… I’m not hurt? What is…” She glanced at the older woman, then. “You, if you don’t leave here, you’re in grave danger. I’ll be fine, just forget what you’ve seen and drive off!”
The woman didn’t respond, stroking her chin and crouching, walking directly past her and looking where she was laying. “There’s… Nobody there. Not even a pothole, or something displaced. I coulda sworn I felt like I ran over a body or something…” She shrugged, slapping the side of the truck. “I’m takin’ you to a mechanic and sendin’ Omar Keshem the bill. That joyride through the forest really put you through hell.”
The truck drove away, and standing on the other side of the intersection, still reeling slightly but completely unharmed by the axe casually introduced and then stowed away, was Arpeggi, still himself trying to work out what happened here. “This… What have you done, Worm?! Why does the physical world mean nothing to us?!”
“Oh, wow, now it’s 1:1 on guessin’ what’s up first, so we have a match, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else!” He gestured at a seemingly random location with pointed clarity, specifically posing for it and then spinning around on his fell heel to address both of them. “That’s right, Arpeggi!” He produced the pen again. “Take a look at this ‘Pen!’ I know, it just looks like a cheap-lookin’ ballpoint you can buy in bulk in the middle’a July when they start the back-to-school sales these days, yeah? BUT! It ain’t an ordinary ‘pen,’ you know, though I’m sure ya realized that… It’s called ‘Generational Synthetic!’ Thanks to this thing right here I’ve gotten ya with, a favorite little piece I’ve borrowed, you’re basically Stand Objects now! And who wants to go over the basicmost rules of how Stands work, that everything either follows or deviates from?”
“First of all, you’re entirely invisible to anyone that isn’t a stand user! So you can run around like a ghost and spook’em or kill’em or somethin’ like that, and they won’t even know what hit them! In addition, anything that isn’t a stand or a stand object can’t hurt you! I’ve already showcased this on you both, what with the axes an’ the cars and whatnot, so no reason to elaborate further!”
“Now, that all sounds fine and dandy, doesn’t it? However, what about becoming normal? Now, obviously I wouldn’t do this to myself without knowin’ how to get outta this state, yeah? However, you lot have no idea how to free yourselves, and without assistance from ol’ Wormy here-” Jones said, taking a step forwards as a car drove right past him and barely missed him, “You’ll be stuck like this forever!”
“Now, I’m a busy Worm, and so are my associates, so that eternal scenario ain’t exactly something we’re interested in either, but if you wanna get out of this state, you gotta work for it first! And so… I’ll have you two put on a show!” Jones said, striking an exaggerated pose towards another random direction where a camera was likely hidden. “... but not one of those theater type shows, yeah? No… What’s more interestin’ is having you two fight it out, right here in this very intersection! That sound good to you? eh?”
“... And why do you expect us to trust you on this?” Arpeggi said, staring at Jones with contempt.
“Fine, fine, fine… You want proof? Well, not sure if this’ll be enough for you what with that attitude of yours, but it’ll certainly be enough for Miss Straciella over here!” Worm said as a giant, cracked TV screen covered in greenery emerged from his maw, showing on it a picture of three figures sprawled out on the floor somewhere unfamiliar. It wasn’t hard to recognize two of them - Nalksi and Arpeggi, but the third one was recognizable only to Nalksi as the member of Focolare she had sent out to find out more about the district’s underground. She tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but even then, the slight shift of her brow and increased focus on the screen gave the truth away.
“Yeah, betcha thought that the little spy you sent over wouldn’t be found by us, eh? Well, too bad! If you don’t want somethin’ else unfortunate happenin’ to this guy, then you better give us a damn good fight, capiche? And as for your bodies, well… I think it’s pretty clear that without’em, you’re not getting back to normal, yeah? And sure, sure, maybe right now you’re both thinkin’, ‘we just gotta get back to ‘em, and then we’re home free,’ right? Well, it’s a free country, so you’re free to try if ya want, track ‘em down wherever they are, and the people takin’ care of you three are free to stop you WAY easier than I could. Like this, though, only one of your bodies is gonna get messed up real bad, probably! Since you’re basically your own infinite-range Stands with substands now…”
Nalksi clicked her tongue, staring at Worm with contempt. So that was why the person she had sent didn’t show up… This, and the way he was using them as leverage against her, forcing her to abide by his disgusting games, infuriated her.
She would have to make Manta pay for letting Jones go once she got back to the Eighth Circle.
Arpeggi looked back at Jones with a similar disdain to Nalksi, ruminating to himself about what to do. “Arpeggi, despite how much it pains me to say this...” NEXT LEVEL quietly said, only to be interrupted by Arpeggi.
“Yeah, I know. We have to do what he says, both for ourselves and the one caught up in all this. Then, when we’re back to normal...” He curled his hand up into a fist. For now, he would just have to subside by imagining how beating the living daylights out of Jones would feel.
Though he wasn’t much of a fan of having to fight a woman he’d just sort of happened to see on the street, something about her, her reputation as a businessperson and the rumors surrounding that, and the way she carried herself, the words the Worm said directed to her in particular, made him realize that she was a vicious opponent who could certainly hold her own in combat against him… No, wait, that may have been too generous, by how she spoke next.
“So it has come to this… I don’t know you well, Arpeggi Osso Buco, and I don’t intend to tell you more about me than what this insect has already revealed, but I cannot die here, as some phantom hidden from the world in plain sight, and I will not tolerate what this man and his associates have done to one of my own. I must live on here, return to my body, and wreak something worse than any hell they could ever know upon every individual watching this place. I suggest that you, yourself, stand down and let me pass easily, and for such a favor, I will not forget you. For come the future-”
“Be quiet,” Arpeggi interrupted, voice snapping and leaving the distant Nalksi taken aback. “You said you weren’t going to say more about yourself to me, and then went on anyway… You think I want to hear it? Or that you’re better than them? People like you, sending someone into this hell in your stead and acting like you’re not to blame when it goes awry, talking big about the world you intend to shape… I’ve known so many like you, Stracciella, so I know damn well what you are. I don’t like that we’ve been forced into this circumstance, and I damn well intend to wipe the floor with these men myself, with people worth a damn to have by my side, but that doesn’t mean I intend to stand aside and let you thrive!”
The young man prepared his Stand, then, striking a pose as NEXT LEVEL surrounded his body. He was ready, willing, prepared to fight. “I’ll knock your self-important ass into the pavement!”
“You…” Finally, the previously speechless Nalksi was able to find her words, clenching her fist at what he was saying, seething and beginning to allow the underlying viciousness seep into her outer demeanor. “How dare you liken me and all I aspire to to them? If that’s what you see me as, then I will show you no sympathy either.”
“Eheheheh, looks like we’ve picked some good ones tonight, everybody! They’re gonna rip each other to shreds right here in traffic!” Worm, then, slipped away from the scene, sliding away and reemerging atop a nearby overhang, a microphone clipped to the maw of his Stand now. “I’ll be commentating the entire thing, and doin’ on-site everything-I-can to get you fine people the best of audio, visual, you name it! But hey, looks like they’re about to start, so let’s all say that loud and clear..!”
(Art by CaptainSpooky27)
Location: The middle of a busy four way intersection, cars passing by almost all the time. The road is represented by the grey tiles, the sidewalks by light grey tiles, and nearby buildings by dark grey squares. The dark grey rectangles are dividers. Each tile is 2x2 meters, making the arena 40x40 meters overall. There are four lanes on each “side”, each 4 meters long. The traffic lights will mostly be red at any one time, with the lights becoming green in a clockwise order, swapping every ten seconds - first, the lights at the northern side will be green, then they’ll become red after ten seconds and the ones on the eastern side will be green, and so on. Civilians will be using pretty much any opportunity available to cross the street, whenever the rules allow for it.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent!
Additional Information: Due to Generational Synthetic’s effect, the players have effectively been turned into stand objects - non stand users can’t see them, and will ignore them. Due to this, the players are also immune to damage caused by regular objects, and will simply get knocked back by it instead of being wounded. This applies to any byproducts of their stands as well, even if they could ordinarily be seen by civilians. It also means that, even if they ordinarily couldn’t, they are able to harm stands with their attacks.
The drivers of the passing cars and any of the civilians involved have 222 physicals, and they drive at speeds of up to 30 mph. They all want to get to their destinations soon, and as such will focus mostly on that, rarely getting out of their cars unless they’re forced to. If their cars are destroyed, they will get out of them and make their way on foot, exiting the arena before calling a cab or uber to pick them up.
Mr Jones has given you the okay on hurting civilians. You’re not sure you want it from him, but it’s there nonetheless.
Team Combatant JoJolity
BADD GUYS Arpeggi Osso Bucco "The blood's... slowly turning invisible... but in the center... she should be there." Make the most out of this odd “stand object” state that Generational Synthetic put you in, and utilize it creatively throughout the match!
Judecca Highrollers Nalksi Straciella “The invisible baby. Earlier, when your back was turned, I wrote on the baby.” Make the most out of this odd “stand object” state that Generational Synthetic put you in, and utilize it creatively throughout the match!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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The Tale of The North Stars.

The North Stars, you all know what happened, Norm Green moves the team to Dallas, because he was a pervert. Well there was a lot more that went into them moving, than simply just “Norm’s wife told him to move the team or else”.
March 11, 1965, NHL President Clarence Campbell announces the NHL will expand to twelve teams, from six. With that the era of the Original Six, the “Original Six” weren’t even that, they were just six teams that managed to survive throughout a chaotic league. A group led by, Walter Bush, Jr., Robert Ridder, and John Driscoll, sought to bring the NHL to the Twin Cities, in Minnesota. The NHL awarded this group one of the six new franchises, with the other five going to Oakland(Seals), Pittsburgh(Penguins), St Louis(Blues), Philadelphia(Flyers) and Los Angeles(Kings). The as of yet unnamed franchise held a naming contest, as you typically do with a new team and the name “North Stars” was selected, which was derived from the states motto "L'Étoile du Nord" or Star of the North. Work quickly began on their new arena in Bloomington, with the arena eventually being named “The Metropolitan Sports Center.”
Honestly? There’s not much chaotic about the early North Stars, unlike the Blues who had to deal with the NHL’s bullshit(Norris Jr and his merry band of fools), or the Seals who were a mess to begin with, the North Stars were...stable. Game 1 of their first season was an entertaining one, playing against fellow expansion team, the St Louis Blues, they tied in their first game, with Bill Masterson scoring the first goal in franchise history. It was an exciting time to be a hockey fan. All was not well though, on January 13, 1968, the North Stars faced the California Seals, in what would be Masterson’s final game.
Masterson was skating the puck across the Blue Line, his skates got tangled in the stick of Larry Cahan or Ron Harris(it’s unknown as to which, but they were both close to him), Masterson lost his balance, pitching forward, he didn’t see the defendor coming up on him, who delivered a clean check to him, knocking him backwards. Masterson was not wearing a helmet(as was normal), as he smacked his head on the ice, going unconscious instantly. Masterson never recovered, he died a few days later. Teammate André Boudrias described the hit "It sounded like a baseball bat hitting a ball.” Boudrias helped the team trainer onto the ice, the team doctor joining them soon after. They carried Masterson off on a stretcher and into an ambulance to Fairview Southdale hospital, seven miles away. "His eyes were gray at the time -- it was like a horror picture," Boudrias says. "I knew he was done." Doctors did what they could, treating him with steroids and diuretics, but the swelling in his brain was too swift and severe. His Wife and Parents, who had flown in from Winnipeg to watch him play, had made the decision to remove Bill from life support.
Hours later, at 1:55AM, Bill Masterton was pronounced dead at the age of 29, he was survived by his wife Carol. Unfortunately this didn’t do much to make the NHL decide to make helmets mandatory, not for another decade when they finally made helmets mandatory. However this did spark a change among players, as more began to adopt helmets. Players before this had worn helmets, but most chose not to for “Vanity Reasons”(To quote Brett Hull). Bruins player Ted Green had become the first Bruin to wear a helmet, since Eddie Shore. Shore had suffered major head injuries as a result of a massive hit he laid onto Ace Bailey, Shore in turn had his head hit the ice in retaliation. Doctors described Masterton’s death as the result of “a massive brain injury”. After news of Masterton’s death spread to the team, the North Stars lost their next six, but also retired his Jersey. Masterson’s death opened many eyes to the realization that helmets were needed in a fast moving game such a hockey. Following his death, hockey writers announced the creation of the “Bill Masterton Trophy”, to be given annually to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. Basically the player who best overcame adversity for that season, such as Bobby Clarke, who overcame Diabetes to play in the NHL.
The North Stars finished fourth in the West Division(the one with all the expansion teams), in their first playoff run, they beat the Kings, advancing to the West Finals, where they lost to the Blues in a Game 7, in double overtime. The Blues proceeded to get swept by the Canadiens, in what becomes a recurring theme for the next 2 finals, Original Six sweeping the expansion Blues. This is by no means because the Blues were awful, it was because the odds were stacked against them and the rest of the “New Six”. They weren’t given great players and the GMs had no idea what they were doing, not to mention they were given their own division so the Original Six had a punching bag. Even in a “new era” the NHL was awful. The next few years were mostly uneventful for the North Stars, missing the playoffs once, but only posting one winning season in their first four seasons, it wasn’t looking great. They were better than their WHA Rivals, who folded four seasons in, but not by much. By ‘78 attendance had fallen so sharply that there were fears that they would fold due to how bad things were, they’d posted 2 whole winning seasons and out of the last six seasons, making the playoffs only once, it didn’t look good. But there was a worse team, the Cleveland Barons, formerly the Oakland / California Seals, who relocated to Cleveland due to a new arena being out of the question and the minority owners(George and Gordon Gund) convincing the majority owner Melvin Swig(wanted to move them to San Francisco, more on this at the end) to move the team to Cleveland. The Barons weren’t much better and then this happened.
Essentially the wealthy owners of the Barons, George(III) and Gordon Gund, would become the new owners of the North Stars, merging them with the Barons. The Barons would in turn merge with the North Stars, giving them the good parts of the team. The North Stars would not relocate, they would keep their name, logo, color, everything, but would be moved to the Adams Division, since now that division would be down to three teams. Most notable of the players the North Stars would get were Goaltender Gilles Meloche and forwards Al MacAdam and Mike Fidler. During the draft that year they had drafted future Calder winner, Bobby Smith, who helped to bolster an actually decent looking team now. They weren’t cup favorites, but they were an improved team, this merger is what saved the North Stars from folding and making the NHL’s expansion look like even worse of a joke. The season that followed was nothing short of incredible, suddenly the North Stars looked like a real team, everyone looked to be firing on all cylinders, leading to a historic game:
The following season proved to be an improvement over the last, with them finishing only a point lower than the previous year, but their playoff run was magical. The North Stars got through the Bruins, Sabres and finally the Flames, to reach the Cup Final. ...Where they promptly got beat 4-1, but it didn’t matter, because by all accounts the North Stars were doing much better now, people paid attention to them, the building was usually full. The next few seasons were the same, despite one early round exit, they made it to the Conference Finals, once more with two Round 1 exits and Round 2 exit. That was it for the Cinderella story of the North Stars though, 85-86 was the final time the North Stars would have a winning season. The 80’s were almost over and attendance was..dropping, despite everything, the North Stars were in trouble. They finished 87-88, just barely out of the playoffs, but allowed them to draft one of the greatest American-Born Players, of all time. Mike Modano.
Drafting Modano was great, but ownership kept threatening to move the team to San Francisco, the Gunds' didn’t exactly like Minnesota and with the fans not showing up, relocation become a threat, here you have a team that was close to folding just a decade ago, back to having trouble and it doesn’t look good on the NHL, despite them vetoing any attempts by the Gund’s to move the team. The NHL eventually gave into the Gund’s threats to move the team to San Francisco. This is where it becomes complicated.
Enter Norm Greed: Norm Green, former minority owner of the Flames, had joined Baldwin’s ownership group and purchased a 51% stake in the team. Green then purchased Baldwin’s stake in the team, gaining more than 75% control of the North Stars. He then went and bought Belzberg's share in October of 1990, giving him all the power he wanted, making him the owner of the team.
The 91 season was...odd for the North Stars. They finished with a losing record(as was the norm at this point), but had barely made the playoffs. This is where it gets weirder, they went on a cup run, beating two of the NHL’s best teams in the Blackhawks and Blues, steamrolling through the defending champions in the Oilers, finally facing off against Lemieux’s Penguins, who had just acquired Ron Francis, not too long ago. This Final didn’t go their way, just like the last one, but they fought hard in it, losing 4 games to 2. That was all she wrote for the North Stars though.
It was a strange offseason, in what could be called foreshadowing the North Stars got new uniforms. Gone were the Green uniforms and Stars on the pants, replaced with a simple Black and Green jersey, the new logo ditching the “North Stars” for just “Stars” The uniforms would literally just be the one’s later used in Dallas for most of the 90’s with minor changes. New uniforms weren’t it though, behind the scenes it was chaos. Green was trying to move the team to LA, to play in the still being built Honda Center(Yes, that one), where they would become the “L.A. Stars”. As Disney was in the middle of negotiations(the 90’s were fucking weird) to place a team there(they also owned the Angels), the North Stars would instead move to Dallas, Texas.
Dallas, Texas. In 1992 Greed announced the North Stars would move to Reunion Arena, in the heart of Dallas, Texas, becoming the Dallas Stars. Why did this happen? Variety of reasons really. Green was a massive pervert and couldn’t keep his hands to himself, or his junk in pants, so he faced a sexual harassment lawsuit, with his wife threatening to leave him, if he didn’t move the team. Why couldn’t they just play at Target Center, with the Timberwolves? Target was Coca-Cola, while the Stars advertised with Pepsi, which created issue. Issue I’m sure could have been solved, but hey, what do I know? Another reason was the dwindling attendance, it has been an issue for the past few years(minus the cup run), combine that with a team who can’t put together a winning season and people just weren’t having it. The on-ice product wasn’t good and they had no interest.
Another factor involved the Gunds’. Yes, they were out of the picture, but their stink still lingered. The Gunds’ had tried to build a shopping near the Met Center, after demolishing Met Stadium(Twins and Vikings played there), well it was looking like they would get their wish...until they didn’t. Instead the Ghermezian brothers, got the land and built The Mall of America. The Gunds’ had felt the Metro Sports Commission had cheated them over this and in turn demanded the MSC renovate the Met Center to the tune of $15 Million, adding close to 40 suites and expanding the concourse. None of that happened, the MSC laughed in their faces and told them to go away. However, North Stars GM Lou Nanne had been the one to actually do something. He persuaded the MSC to instead spend $3.5 Million and add only 20 suites.
The Gunds’ were incredibly frustrated with their situation in Minnesota. And fans were too. Years of failed drafts, trades, no talent and bad seasons, left many fans thinking ownership only cared about money. ...Which they did. Some even called them “No Stars”, because of how true it was, the North Stars had no stars, for most of the Gund era. With the Target Center being built, the Gunds’ took this as a sign, it was time to demand the MSC renovate the Met again, asking for money to do so, with the MSC again, laughing in their faces. It just so happened, Art Savage(friend of the Gunds’) was trying to get a team in San Francisco, so they decided to join forces and move the North Stars to San Francisco.
It wasn’t that easy though. GM Lou Nanne(voice of reason somehow) warned them the NHL wouldn’t allow it, but they went to the Board of Governors to get permission to move. Bill Wirtz was head of the BoG and pretty much denied them on the spot, but granted them a team in San Jose on the condition they sell the North Stars, to an owner who would keep them in Minnesota(Ahahaha). This left the Gunds’ split as George was fine with selling, but Gordon felt that they worked too hard to just sell now(what work did they do? The world may never know!). Eventually they did sell to the aforementioned group involving Norm Green however and they got their team in San Jose.
Norm and the sexual harassment allegations against him. Norm was being sued by some of his former secretaries for sexual harassment, he’d look down their blouses, and demand they kiss him, he was a creep in every way possible. His wife demanded he * move the team, to get rid of mounting media pressure on them, due to the aforementioned lawsuit. Norm made attempts to keep the North Stars in Minnesota, but as the MSC had just finished building the Target Center, they weren’t about to build another arena. The Target Center deal fell through, as did a deal that would link the Met Center to the Mall of America, via Skyway and would include a casino that Green would own. That proposal was shot down because it was almost the same cost as a new arena, that the MSC refused to pay for. He renovated the Met with his own money during his short tenure as North Stars Owner, but that was about it. Apparently it was thanks to former Cowboys Quarterback Roger Staubach that the Stars moved to Dallas, as he had convinced Green, Dallas was the perfect market for hockey.
The fans were as you can imagine angry. Bringing “Norm Sucks” signs and chanting that during games, even calling him “Norm Greed”(Accurate really). It was a horrible time to be a North Stars fan, hell a sports fan in Minnesota in general. Their final season was again, normalcy, sure they made the playoffs, but it was another losing season and this was it for them. They lost to Detroit in 7 games, playing their final game in Detroit, losing 1-0 in Overtime. It was also the first time the NHL tested video replay. The legendary Al Schaer final call goes as follows:
In many ways the Stars were what the NHL wanted, an experiment in the Southern US, to see if Hockey could work. Dallas, Miami, Tampa were experimental, the NHL wanted to expand into an untapped market, but in doing so alienated fans in Minnesota. They quelled this by announcing “The Twin Cities would get a new expansion team in the near future” the Minnesota Wild.
In the end, the North Stars were unstable for most of their existence, due to horrible ownership. The fans deserved better, but instead got people who didn’t want to spend much, instead. Even in the early years, things weren't good, the merger is what saved them, but in a way also killed them. The fans have every right to still despise Green, but I believe they should despise the Gunds' as well.
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Entertainment Tonight - YouTube

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