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Northern Soul Story Playlist..Songs that will take you back to the days of the Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino and The Twisted Wheel.

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The Inside Story Of Wigan Casino

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Excellent Northern Soul Article - FOR DANCERS ONLY: THE STORY OF WIGAN CASINO - FIRST PUBLISHED: Mojo Collections, Spring 2002 By Chris Hunt

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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jan. 1, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
Hi everybody! Man, I missed y'all. So in case you missed my explanation for why I took the last 2+ months off, basically my whole life changed recently. Wife got a new job that required us to move to a new city. Which meant I also had to find a new job, we had to sell our house, find a new place to live, get settled in a new city, and all that fun stuff. It's been a really hectic and crazy couple of months, but everything has worked out great and we're all good now. A million thanks to everyone for all the nice messages and well-wishes during all this. You guys are awesome and SquaredCircle is by far my favorite corner of the internet.
In the midst of all this, I finally managed to get caught up on writing these things. My plan is to hopefully keep the usual M/W/F at noon EST schedule that has worked so well for the last couple of years. But full disclosure, that may not always be possible. My last job was pretty comfortable, I could sit at my desk and surf Reddit while working at the same time and it was never a problem. My job situation has changed so this will probably be posted during my lunch breaks and that might vary. So while I will always try to post at around the same time as everyone is used to, that may not always be possible. So just bear with me while we make this work.
That's pretty much it. And now, let us begin....the final year of the Observer Rewind!
Oh yeah, one other thing. I hate to come back after such a long absence and drop a turd. But this issue kinda sucks and there's almost nothing major happening this week. But don't worry, they get better from here!
  • Dave opens the first issue of 2001 with a look back at the top wrestlers of 2000. The Observer award votes are still being tabulated and whatnot but Dave decides to look at the top candidates and give his own personal thoughts.
Kurt Angle had a star-making year. One of the best talkers in the business and already one of the best in-ring guys after only really one full year. Dave says if he continues to improve at this rate in 2001, barring injuries, he may be the best in the world by this time next year (yup).
Chris Benoit is probably the best in-ring guy in wrestling today and his jump from WCW to WWF (along with the other 3) pretty much tore the heart out of WCW and they've never recovered. Benoit was going to be a main eventer and likely multiple-time world champion in WCW, headlining PPVs and TV, and who knows what may have been different if he had stayed. They almost certainly would have still self-destructed, but at least the matches would have been better.
Triple H is the likely Wrestler of the Year winner and Dave wouldn't argue it. He spent 2000 as one of the top guys (alongside Rock) in WWF and had numerous MOTY-quality matches, was a top draw for PPV, tickets, ratings, everything. Held the title repeatedly. An incredible feud with Kurt Angle that unfortunately fizzled out but was great while it lasted, etc. Hard to argue that Triple H had the best 2000 out of anyone in wrestling.
Toshiaki Kawada. Without him, AJPW ceases to exist in 2000. His star power and that alone is the only thing keeping that promotion alive and the feud with NJPW has put Kawada in a position of having dream matches that will sell out the Tokyo Dome. His match with Kensuke Sasaki was one of the biggest matches in the history of Japanese wrestling. And in ring, he's a Benoit-level worker. You could argue that other wrestlers were better this year, but nobody was more valuable to their promotion than Kawada was to AJPW.
Mitsuharu Misawa didn't really have the kind of amazing in-ring year that he's been known for in the past. But the importance of the NOAH split from AJPW is hard to overstate and was likely the biggest business story in wrestling all year in Japan (worldwide, Dave thinks the slow death of WCW is a bigger story in the long-term). If this award was for most influential wrestler outside the ring, Misawa would get it due to the successful start of NOAH.
The Rock should probably be the favorite. He's not the in-ring talent that Triple H has, but he's still pretty damn great and has had some classic matches this year. He was the top draw for WWF by far and kept the company afloat with Austin out injured for most of the year. Plus, his sheer celebrity and mainstream value to the company is huge.
Kazushi Sakuraba is a controversial pick and there's been a lot of debate over whether he qualifies, since he's MMA and not pro wrestling. Dave argues the case to why he should be eligible but it's hard to make a fair comparison to wrestling. But Sakuraba's historical legacy in MMA was cemented this year when he started beating members of the Gracie family one-by-one in PRIDE. Speaking of......
  • Kazushi Sakuraba added another Gracie head to his mantle last week, defeating Ryan Gracie at PRIDE 12. It was controversial because Gracie came into the fight with a shoulder injury suffered in training a few days earlier and doctors had told him not to fight. Gracie agreed to still do the fight but only if it was limited to a 10 minute time limit, which fans didn't find out about until the day of the show and booed the shit out of it. There may have been an agreement made before the match because though Gracie's injury was well-known (Gracie cut a promo about it before the fight, about how their family is tough and they don't listen to doctors and yada yada. Basically, giving themselves an out if/when Gracie inevitably lost), Sakuraba never went after it in the fight. But he dominated the match and won by decision after the 10 minute time limit. He has now beaten Royler, Royce, Renzo, and Ryan in the span of the last 13 months (and that's why they call him the "Gracie Killer").
  • The next major story is a recap of the recent RINGS show, and then a brief note that TV ratings aren't available and then....that's it for the top front page stories. We're already halfway through the bulk of the issue and there's not much on actual wrestling at all so far. Just a bunch of MMA recaps. Let's see what the second half brings us...
  • RVD will likely be appearing at the AJPW Tokyo Dome show in late January. No word if he'll work a match but he's at least hoping to be there for the Stan Hansen retirement ceremony, since Hansen helped him a lot in his earlier years when Van Dam worked for AJPW in the early 90s.
  • The biggest show in Pro Wrestling NOAH history took place last week, selling out a 12,000 arena. Shinya Hashimoto debuted, pinning Takao Omori. Kenta Kobashi beat Jun Akiyama in a match many are calling the best of the year. Hashimoto is expected to work a few more shows for NOAH but he isn't signed.
  • A couple of rookies in NOAH are getting a lot of praise. Takashi Sugiura is already being compared to Kurt Angle, because he's a former amateur wrestler who is making a good transition. And the other is Kenta Kobayashi (later KENTA and then Hideo Itami), who will actually main event a show next month, teaming with Kobashi (the names are SO similar) against Misawa and Marufuji.
  • Dave saw NJPW's latest show (which aired on PPV in Japan) featuring an inter-promotional match against with AJPW's Masa Fuchi and Kawada against NJPW's Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Nagata and he gives it the full 5 stars. Which is funny because on most lists you find online, this match isn't listed. Most people thought NJPW didn't get a single 5-star match between 1997 and 2012 but in a throwaway paragraph reviewing this show, he calls it a definite 5-stars and potential MOTY. So there ya go: the lost 5-star classic.
WATCH: Masa Fuchi & Kawada vs Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Nagata - AJPW vs. NJPW inter-promotional match
  • Antonio Inoki will have a 5-minute "exhibition match" at his New Year's Eve show (Dave is seemingly unaware at this point that Inoki's opponent will end up being Renzo Gracie).
  • Legendary wrestler Johnny Valentine is on death's door. Back in August, he broke his back falling off his front porch, which nearly killed him. In September he nearly died from a lung infection. He's been in and out of comas throughout that time and now he's back in the hospital again for the same reason (he ends up hanging on until April).
  • Dave saw the latest TV taping from the UPW indie promotion in California. WWF sent the Hardyz and Lita to work the show. Juventud Guerrera, Christopher Daniels, and Michael Modest were on it as well. WWF developmental wrestler Nathan Jones recently started there. Of all the guys working for UPW, Prototype (real name John Cena) shows the most promise. He's got an incredible look and superstar charisma, but he's not that good in the ring yet. Dave hopes he won't be rushed to the big leagues too soon because he will be exposed and it's hard to overcome the rep as a bad wrestler. Lots of people have been comparing Cena to a young Sting. Either way, Dave thinks the guy has a ton of potential to be a star if they don't fuck it up.
  • RVD seems to have accepted the idea that he's not going back to ECW and has said at some point in the next few months, he'll decide whether he's going to WWF or WCW. His agent has had talks with both companies. WWF is interested but they're more interested in Jerry Lynn because apparently the wrestlers in WWF who have worked with both of them prefer Lynn (RVD kinda had a reputation for accidentally hurting people). WCW is interested but can't do anything because there's a hiring freeze right now. RVD is probably the most marketable free agent on the market right now but there's still no guarantees of anything for him.
  • Randy Savage will appear in the Spider-Man movie as villain named "Saw Bones McGraw" (close enough, Dave). They're filming scenes with him and Spider-Man in a cage match.
WATCH: Randy Savage as Bone Saw in Spiderman
  • ECW held a show at the ECW Arena that was said to be somewhat of a weird show. The crowd was down from usual, only about 1000 people, rather than the usual over-packed crowd. Everyone on the roster were given checks post-dated for the following Tuesday, which now leaves them 6 weeks behind on pay. But there's no more shows scheduled until the PPV next week. Super Crazy returned, even though his father died the night before. And during the main event, Sandman tried to recreate the famous chair incident from a few years ago, asking fans to throw chairs in the ring, which many thought was pretty negligent considering how dangerous that is for all the fans at ringside. Justin Credible caught a chair in the head that he wasn't prepared for and several fights broke out in the crowd during the incident also, due to fans getting hit by other fans. Then security ended up attacking fans and it was a whole mess for awhile there. (And that, folks, was the very last real ECW show ever at the ECW Arena. Pour one out for the end of an era.)
  • Notes from the latest ECW Hardcore TV: neither the Dudleyz match or the Tazz promo from the tapings aired. Dave assumes WWF wouldn't allow it. Joey Styles talked about Mikey Whipwreck having 17 documented concussions which Dave thinks is pretty scary. That's basically it.
  • Notes from Nitro: Kevin Nash, DDP, and Sid Vicious all returned and none of them were punished for walking out last week, nor was Scott Steiner punished for his off-script promo. Nor were he or DDP punished for their backstage fight. Eric Bischoff flew out the day before and basically sat down with everybody to hash out their problems. He gave everyone the impression that he'll be taking over the company in 2001 and is trying to start things with a clean slate. Needless to say, there was a lot of resentment from the undercard wrestlers about top stars being able to just walk out of live TV tapings, shoot on the mic, and get into fights and not only go unpunished, but be put right back on TV the next week in their same top positions. Lex Luger walked out earlier this year and came back in a stronger position than when he left. Buff Bagwell has been in and out of trouble all year, is hated by much of the locker room, but still gets significant TV time in the uppercard. Meanwhile, guys like Lance Storm and Mike Awesome are out there every night busting their asses (with Awesome fighting to overcome the career-killing 70s guy gimmick) and they're barely a focal point of the show. Some in management wanted to punish everyone who walked out, but with Bischoff expected to take control any day now, they were afraid to because it's no secret that DDP and Bischoff are close friends, as are Bischoff and Nash. So it was believed any punishment levied against them would just be overturned by Bischoff anyway. Anyway, this is the Nitro that isn't airing in the U.S. but was still taped for international markets. Not much in the way of storyline progression, mostly just matches.
  • Former wrestler Tom Zenk was on a radio show discussing the potential WCW sale to Bischoff, calling it "a fire sale to the arsonist" and saying Time Warner is selling the company because it's not profitable, to the guy who made it unprofitable to begin with.
  • Remember an incident last year where Bagwell punched a ring crew member and got charged for it? Bagwell plea bargained out of it and was ordered to pay a $500 fine, one year of probation, and perform 20 hours of community service. At the time, Bagwell was suspended for 30 days over it, which cost him approx. $45,000 in pay. A rare example of WCW actually punishing someone.
  • WCW sent a few guys (David Flair, Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Hair, and Jung Dragons) to work the NWA Wildside show, which is their developmental territory. Speaking of, wrestlers Air Paris and AJ Styles have been stealing the shows at the Wildside events lately.
  • Road Dogg was sent home from the Smackdown tapings and was suspended indefinitely without pay. At this time, there's no plans to bring him back. He showed up in bad shape to the tapings and had a match teaming with K-Kwik against Lo Down that was said to be an embarrassment because of his performance. WWF wants him to get his life in order before they even consider bringing him back. He's gone through rehab a couple of times but it never took. Dave says the difference between WWF and WCW is that chances are, you're not going to see Triple H and X-Pac going on TV for the next few weeks doing Road Dogg's catchphrases and trying to go into business for themselves on his behalf, unlike some people. (Here's the match. I dunno, doesn't seem any worse than Road Dogg's usual bad matches. But you do hear the commentary talking about Road Dogg looking out of it and hinting that maybe he has a concussion. And you can definitely tell that he's a little off his game, but if you didn't know to specifically look for it, I doubt you'd really notice. He was never Ric Flair in the ring to begin with.)
WATCH: Road Dogg & K-Kwik vs. Lo Down
  • Notes from Raw: they had a hardcore match with Blackman, Holly, and Raven that ended up outside in the 9 degree winter weather. Dave feels sorry for those guys out there in tights and no shirt wrestling in that. The RTC cut a promo talking about how bad the internet is. (I went on the Network and watched this and it's great. Bull Buchanan cuts a promo on the APA's "Always Pounding Ass" shirt and then Goodfather finished it off with this quote: "The internet has become a harbinger of nothing more than filth and decay. The world wide web is there to trap you until it slowly strangles all the goodness from each and every one of you!" Well, he's not wrong.)
  • WWF officially sold the hotel and casino they bought in Las Vegas a few years ago. The original plan was to remodel the hotel as a WWF theme hotel, with a TV studio and small arena so they could hold live shows. But they quickly realized that it just wasn't feasible and have spent the last two years trying to sell it. They finally unloaded it for $11.2 million which is about $2 million more than they paid for it in 1999, so at least there's that.
  • There's been talk of bringing Bobby Heenan back to WWF to do commentary on one of the B or C-level shows, but that discussion seemed to go nowhere. Larry Zbyszko will also be getting an announcing audition soon and has pitched himself to be the new WWF on-screen commissioner as well.
  • The Rock was supposed to be doing announcing for the Orange Bowl Parade but WWF pulled him out of it. The company is being extremely protective of Rock right now and want to make sure he looks good in any non-wrestling mainstream thing he does, and there was concern about him doing commentary on a parade since, I mean, wtf does Rock know about parades? They didn't want him to look out of his depth or put in a situation he wouldn't be good at.
  • Update on WWF possibly moving out of Titan Towers: right now, many of the employees are doubled up in offices because they've outgrown the building and are out of space. There's been talk that they may sell the building and move to a new location soon.
  • Davey Boy Smith had another hearing for allegedly making death threats towards Bruce Hart. He pleaded not guilty. Bruce's estranged wife Andrea is now living with Davey Boy. His previous charges stemming from threats against Diana Hart Smith and Ellie Neidhart were dropped. Smith now says he's been clean since July, that he wants to open a wrestling school, and that he's no longer in the WWF. In a Calgary Sun story, Smith said, "I was involved in that (Hart) family for 20 years and I'm sad to say it was the worst 20 years I ever had." That led Bret Hart to speak out to defend his family name, and he said, "If it wasn't for my family and the opportunities my father gave him, Davey would still be working in the Wigan mines. He's talking about a dysfunctional family at the same time he has taken off with my brother Bruce's wife--you're right in the thick of it, buddy." (It's amazing how much of the Hart family drama played out in the Calgary Sun over the years.)
  • The Chyna issue of Playboy reportedly sold more than a million copies, while the first Sable issue did around 800,000. Dave expects a lot more WWF women in Playboy considering those kinds of numbers.
WEDNESDAY: Paul Heyman in talks to sell ECW, Antonio Inoki's New Year's Eve show, Vince McMahon Playboy interview, WCW fires Mark Madden, and more...
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2012 MLS All-Stars: Where are they now?

This has been really trendy in a bunch of other subs so I figured I'd take a stab. With All-Stars coming up, I figured I'd look back at an even five years, at the 2012 MLS All-Star Game and see: where those players are now?
I'll only do this for the MLS All-Star team, for the record.

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper: Jimmy Nielsen, Sporting KC Casino Jimmy would only play one more season of professional football, ending his career on top with Sporting's MLS Cup triumph. Following retirement, he became the manager of Oklahoma City Energy, where he remains to this day with a record to date of 36W-34L-28D.
Right Back: Steven Beitashour, San Jose Earthquakes Beitashour spent one more season in San Jose before being traded to Vancouver for Garber Bucks, a mistake that looked bad then and still does look bad. After two years in Vancouver and a World Cup callup to the Iran national team, he was traded again to Toronto, where he remains. He's currently injured after a damaged pancreas. Hey Beita, it could be worse, at least yours still works unlike mine...
Center Back: Jay DeMerit, Vancouver Whitecaps The quintessential scrappy underdog who went from non-league Southall to the bright lights of the Premier League with Watford, DeMerit spent another ~year and a half with Vancouver before retiring in July 2014 due to injuries.
Center Back: Aurélien Collin, Sporting KC Collin spent two more years with Sporting (including a MOTM performance in MLS Cup 2013 when he scored the equalizer and decisive penalty) before being traded to Orlando for Jalil Anibaba and some Garber Bucks. After some shaky performances for the Lions (including being their Toni Ståhl by getting sent off in their first game), Collin was traded to NYRB in 2016 and has settled in nicely there.
Left Back: Justin Morrow, San Jose Earthquakes Much like Beitashour, Morrow also found himself given away by Frank Yallop and John Doyle. He went to for Garber Bucks and remains there to this day. He earned a Gold Cup call-up to the US this year, and remains one of the better fullbacks/wingbacks in MLS.
Defensive Mid: Ozzie Alonso, Seattle Sounders Honey Badger don't move. Seriously, his ass is still firmly parked in the center of Seattle's pitch.
Left Mid: Landon Donovan, LA Galaxy Played another two years in MLS, earning a storybook ending to his career with an MLS Cup triumph in 2014 after announcing his retirement earlier that year. Only that wasn't actually the ending because he came out of retirement in 2016. Then he retired again.
Center Mid: David Beckham, LA Galaxy Moved to PSG at the end of the season, then retired in May 2013 after finishing out the French season. Currently attempting to build a stadium and help put an MLS team in Miami. Keyword being attempting.
Attacking Mid: Dwayne De Rosario, DC United The Canadian legend spent another season in DC before heading home to Toronto through the Re-Entry Draft. He spent one year there before retiring as MLS's greatest ever Canadian.
Forward: Chris Wondolowski, San Jose Earthquakes Death, taxes, and Wondo poaching goals for the Quakes. Still there and still good, Belgium be damned.
Forward: Thierry Henry, New York Red Bulls Played another two seasons with the Red Bulls before retiring. He is currently an assistant coach with the Belgian national team.

The Bench

Goalkeeper: Dan Kennedy, Chivas USA Following the liquidation of Chivas RIP in 2014, Kennedy joined Dallas, where he wound up losing the starting job to Jesse González, earning him a trade back to LA with Galaxy. He barely played and retired after the season, taking up a job broadcasting Galaxy games.
Defender: Carlos Valdés, Philadelphia Union After the season, Valdés believed he needed to leave MLS to increase his chances of being called up to the Colombia national team. He was successful, earning a World Cup callup after loan spells at Santa Fe and San Lorenzo. Returning to Philly after the World Cup, he finished out the 2014 season with the Zolos before once again being loaned out at his request, this time to Nacional in Uruguay. Eventually the Union got sick of this headache and terminated his contract, rejoining Santa Fe. He missed 2016 with injury and now plays for Atlético Socopó in Venezuela.
Defender: Ramiro Corrales, San Jose Earthquakes Retired at the end of the 2013 season and is apparently now coaching the Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.
Midfielder: Chris Pontius, DC United Pontius spent much of the remainder of his time in DC (ending in 2015) in a hospital bed, a victim of constant injuries. Traded to Philadelphia in December 2015, he rejuvenated his career with the Union, earning MLS Comeback Player of the Year after his 12 goal output in 2016. He's struggled to start this year, however.
Midfielder: Kyle Beckerman, Real Salt Lake Still there, still has the hair that looks like a bird's nest...
Midfielder: Graham Zusi, Sporting KC Again, still there, although he's been shifted to right back.
Midfielder: Michael Farfan, Philadelphia Union Farfan was a last second add as Chelsea, the All-Stars' opponent that year, requested the number of substitutes be increased, and the game was in Philly so it was convenient. Sold to Cruz Azul after the 2013 season, he returned to MLS in 2015 with DC, then briefly existed in Seattle's system in 2016 before retiring at the age of 29.
Forward: Eddie Johnson, Seattle Sounders Johnson left Seattle after the cap-strapped Sounders couldn't offer him a better contract, and was traded to DC for some Garber Bucks. Retired with the Black and Red in 2015 after developing heart problems.

The Injured Guy

Defender: Heath Pearce, New York Red Bulls (Injured - Replaced by Justin Morrow) Pearce missed the tail end of the 2013 season with a hip injury that needed surgery. Montreal picked him up in the 2014 offseason, and was later taken by Orlando in the expansion draft. But Pearce elected to go to Sweden, signing a five month contract with IFK Göteborg before retiring. He is now the main presenter on the KICK YouTube channel.

The Inactives

Yep. Back in the day there was an "Inactive" squad for the MLS All-Star Game. They were voted on by MLS players but did not play. This was the last year of them existing.
Goalkeeper: Nick Rimando, Real Salt Lake The Wall of the Wasatch is still there.
Goalkeeper: Jon Busch, San Jose Earthquakes Spent two more seasons with the Quakes before joining Chicago as a backup to Sean Johnson. He then dropped down a tier to play for Indy Eleven, where he still plays today at the age of 40.
Defender: Jámison Olave, **Real Salt Lake Traded after the season (along with Fabián Espíndola) to for Garber Bucks, Olave eventually returned to Salt Lake City in 2015, but was not the same Olave that was once a top center back in MLS. Last I heard he joined Mike Petke's coaching staff at Real Monarchs, though I'm unsure if Petke took him up to the big club with him.
Defender: Geoff Cameron, Houston Dynamo After the season, Cameron was sold to Stoke City, where he remains a rock in the Potters' back line.
Midfielder: Brad Davis, Houston Dynamo After a decade at Dynamo (plus one year with San Jose pre-relocation), Davis joined Sporting KC as a free agent in 2016. Following his lone season there, he signed a one day contract back at Houston and retired.
Midfielder: Marco Pappa, Chicago Fire Pappa moved to Heerenveen in the Netherlands just a month after All-Stars, where he'd spend two years. The Dutch side would cut him in 2014 to make room for Szabolcs Varga (he of zero appearances for the side), then joined Seattle through the allocation order. Two seasons, a stabbing, and a Supporters' Shield-winning brace later, Pappa was traded to Colorado for some Garber Bucks. He has since returned home to Guatemala with Municipal.
Midfielder: Brek Shea, Dallas After the season, Shea joined Stoke City. Then he got injured multiple times, loaned twice, and eventually came back to MLS with Orlando. Before the start of this season, Shea was traded to Vancouver for Giles Barnes.
Midfielder: Roger Espinoza, Sporting KC After the season, Espinoza joined Wigan on a free. Though he did win an FA Cup with the club, that didn't last long; he parted ways with the club during the 2014-15 season and rejoined SKC in 2015, where he remains a solid holding midfielder.
Midfielder: Marvin Chávez, San Jose Earthquakes Chávez spent just one more year in San Jose before being traded to Colorado for Atiba Harris. He played a whopping 39 minutes before being traded again to Chivas RIP for Luke Moore, and was left clubless after the liquidation of Chivas. After the season, he joined San Antonio Scorpions, where he spent a season before the team folded. Then in 2016 he joined Rayo OKC, where he spent a season before the team folded. He's like the Grim Reaper out here comin to kill clubs.
Forward: Kenny Cooper, New York Red Bulls After leaving the Red Bulls following the season, Cooper was never the same player, perhaps haunted by his missed penalty re-take in the 2012 playoffs. He was traded to Dallas for Garber Bucks in 2013, then to (where he would be the 2014 US Open Cup Player of the Tournament) for Garber Bucks and Adam Moffat after that season. Then in 2015 he was claimed off waivers by Montréal, but was hurt the whole time. He hasn't retired officially, but remains clubless.
Forward: Fabián Espíndola, Real Salt Lake Traded to the Red Bulls with Olave, Espíndola spent a year there before moving to hated rivals DC via the Re-Entry Draft. He spent two and a half seasons in the nation's capital before being traded to Vancouver for Garber Bucks, who then sold him to Liga MX side Necaxa, where he remains. He's also getting sued by an ex-DC teammate, so that happened.
Forward: Kei Kamara, Sporting KC Kamara was loaned to Norwich after the 2012 season, came back after the loan expired, and was then sold to Middlesbrough in September. He lasted less than a year before his contract was cancelled by mutual consent. He then went back to his first MLS team, Columbus, and had a 22 goal welcome-back campaign in 2015. Then, in 2016, he became a locker room cancer after calling out his teammate following a fight over who would take a spot kick and was traded to New England, where he hasn't really fit in.
Forward: Fredy Montero, Seattle Sounders Loaned back to his native Colombia for the start of the 2013 season, Montero eventually joined Sporting CP, first on loan (start of the 2013-14 season) and then by purchase (in January 2014 after scoring 13 in 16 Primeira Liga matches). He spent two years in Lisbon before moving to China with Tianjin TEDA, who has since loaned him out to Vancouver as the Chinese side needed to make room for new arrivals Nemanja Gudelj and John Obi Mikel.
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Squad Profiles 2016-17 - Leicester City [8/20]

Hi /soccer,
As we get closer to the season, I've decided to post squad profiles for each team in the Premier League. I've had a good response to the request for contributors from /LCFC for this post, so if you're interested in writing a paragraph about your favourite player or a young player who people might not know much about, let me know a few days before your team comes up or look in your team’s subreddit as I’ve posted in each one asking for contributors. Thanks to all who read and commented on the previous posts, I got some great feedback, there were some good discussions in the comments, and I wasn't met with hateful abuse which was nice! A link to all posts in the series will be at the bottom of this post. All photos are courtesy of the club website unless otherwise credited.
Apologies (again) for how long this one took. I’ve had some internet issues and only been able to get on on my phone, and then my laptop crashed and I lost the entire thing, hence why it’s kind of half-arsed which I also apologise for. Leicester are probably the most boring champions ever, re-writing this from scratch on Friday evening and this morning is the closest I’ve come to just giving up. But I’m hoping to get them back to being fairly regular now because I have a lot of help for the next few and should be able to get them out quickly and be back in the rhythm.


#12 Ben Hamer - After spending time out on loan last year and with Ron-Robert Zieler joining the club this summer, Hamer doesn’t seem likely to feature in the club’s first team plans much this year. He will probably go out on loan, unless a Championship team with keeper problems comes in with a decent bid in which case Leicester may consider selling.

#1 Kasper Schmeichel - Who would’ve thought that a keeper who originally found himself at Leicester because of a habit to follow Sven-Goran Eriksson around would go on to play a crucial role in winning them the Premier League title? Schmeichel kept 15 clean sheets last season, tied for second in the league with David de Gea and Joe Hart. This season he will have more competition for his place with Ron-Robert Zieler coming in, but he will still be the favourite.

#21 Ron-Robert Zieler - Leicester getting Zieler from Hannover for under 3m while teams like Everton are frantically scrambling for a keeper is fantastic business. The German could’ve easily commanded a £7-8m price tag, maybe even a bit more to a desperate team, and Leicester have paid pennies for him. I’m a big fan of the former Manchester United youth product, he has an air of calm about him when he plays, yet still is a commanding presence in goal and will definitely have Schmeichel on his toes this season.


#3 Ben Chilwell - Despite Arsenal and Liverpool knocking at the door, Ben Chilwell committed his future to Leicester this summer, repaying the faith the club have showed in him. Despite just three senior appearances to his name, Leicester put a price of £10m on the 19 year old’s head this summer, and Chilwell looks to be getting a bigger role in the team this year. With all the potential to be a top Premier League left back, Chilwell just has to put in the performances on the pitch to back up the club’s valuation.

-- Richie De Laet - Last season Richie De Laet became the first player to win Premier League winners medal and a Championship promotion medal in the same season, having played for Middlesbrough on loan for the second half of the season. This season, however, De Laet’s future is uncertain. With new signing Luis Hernandez taking De Laet’s number 2 shirt, De Laet was not given a number when the shirt numbers were announced last week. This could suggest that the Belgian right back is on his way out, although right back is the position with the least depth and the weakest starter for the club.

#28 Christian Fuchs - A free transfer from Schalke last summer, Fuchs took over the left back spot from Jeffrey Schlupp and will be the presumed starter this season. An incredible crosser of the ball, Fuchs assisted four goals last season including this crucial winner against Spurs, a corner that Fuchs made look effortless as he picked out a completely unmarked Robert Huth perfectly, and this gorgeous ball to Jamie Vardy against United.

#2 Luis Hernandez (by Daz93) - Hernandez looks very composed on the ball and reads the game very well. I wouldn't be surprised to see him carry on in place of Huth after Hull, since Huth will be suspended for that game.

#6 Robert Huth - HUUUUUUUUUUUUTH. Robert Huth, as well as being a big fucker and an incredible centre back, is goddamn hilarious. Let’s just get that clear first. Dude was suspended by the FA for playing “cock or no cock” on twitter, a game where people are asked if they think a picture is of a transsexual or not, and the rest of his feed is an absolute goldmine. Anyway, Huth signed for Leicester on loan from Stoke one game into the aforementioned tranny ban, and missed his first Leicester game due to it. He soon made his debut and was a big part of the miraculous push for survival at the end of the season, including the lone goal he scored that season in a 3-2 win at West Brom. His arrival really helped Wes Morgan and the two have built a strong partnership at the back.

#5 Wes Morgan - The Leicester captain. He seemed to struggle a bit in the first half of Leicester’s first season back in the top flight, but last season he was excellent. A powerful centre back who is as good in the air as he is at tackling on the ground and muscling opponents off the ball. Morgan and Huth will be a force to be reckoned with again this year, especially if Mendy can help by going some way to replacing Kante’s defensive contributions.

#15 Jeffrey Schlupp - Striker turned left mid turned left back, Jeffrey Schlupp is an incredibly versatile option for Leicester. With Fuchs at LB and Ahmed Musa and Demarai Gray both likely to be preferred at LM, Schlupp will probably be used primarily from the bench this season, providing an option who can come on to help out defensively and hit quickly on the counter. He is a powerful runner with impressive speed, and always causes problems to the opposing defence when running at them.

#17 Danny Simpson - Right back is Leicester’s weakest position, however Danny Simpson has played well enough under Ranieri to convince the manager not to look for a new RB in the transfer window so he is likely to be the mainstay at right back again this season.


#11 Marc Albrighton - Albrighton played on the left side of Leicester’s four man midfield last season, linking up very well with Christian Fuchs and providing defensive cover when Fuchs played on the overlap to put crosses in. Despite playing every game last season, Albrighton will probably see less of the field this season with Ahmed Musa, Demarai Gray and Bartosz Kapustka all available as wing options and Riyad Mahrez likely playing most weeks.

#13 Daniel Amartey - Ghanian midfielder Amartey joined Leicester in January and made just five appearances last season, four of them from the bench. His only start came at right back in a 1-0 win over Norwich. He will be competing for time with Matty James and Andy King as Mendy and Drinkwater look set to see the bulk of the starting time.

#4 Danny Drinkwater (by Daz93) - I think Drinky has a lot to show this season after the disappointment of being left out of the England squad for the Euros. He's looked immense in pre season, very fit and very sharp. We'll of course be missing Kante a lot, so I'm hoping he can fill his role more and help Mendy adapt to the league.

#22 Demarai Gray - Signed when Leicester activated the release clause of just £3.7m in his contract at Birmingham, Gray made 12 appearances last season for Leicester, all but one of them from the bench. A very talented wide midfielder, he will be pushing for more appearances this season and will likely be the first option on the left when Ahmed Musa is deployed up front.

#8 Matty James - OK so story time: I kinda know Matty James. He went to my high school’s rival school and I played football with him a few times. I know his brother Reece (who currently plays for Wigan) better, and he destroyed me (and basically everyone) at cross country a lot of times. There’s no point to this story really, it’s just cool to think that I’ve played football with a premier league winner (albeit one who didn’t play a single game because of an injury). Anyway, for obvious reasons I’m a big fan of Matty James. He missed last season with a cruciate ligament injury, but will be back in the Leicester side this season, competing for rotation time with Andy King and Daniel Amartey. He started 20 games in 2014-15 prior to his long-term injury.

#14 Bartosz Kapustka - A new signing this summer, the young Polish winger joins Leicester from Cracovia following a very strong season in the Ekstraklasa where he scored four times and set up nine goals, followed by an impressive showing at the Euros. Capable of playing on either wing and as an attacking midfielder or a centre mid if needed, Kapustka will be a vital utility player this season.

#10 Andy King - The first player in the Premier League era to win the top 3 divisions of English football with the same team (#FACTS), Andy King made 25 appearances last season, 16 of them from the bench, scoring twice. He will be the third choice CM again this season, ready to fill in if Drinkwater or Mendy get injured or need a rest. The Welshman is a good backup, but isn’t really good enough to be starting for a Premier League team.

#26 Riyad Mahrez (by abxdsays) - One of the most talented and enjoyable players to watch, even if he makes a simple pass or squirms his way out of a tight spot, he's just pure entertainment from kick-off. Obviously his close-control is often talked about, but his ability to pick a pass or find the right angle to curl one in is second-to-none. However his qualities are known to the world and defenders will close him down and limit his space.

#24 Nampalys Mendy - Signed for £13m this summer with the daunting task of replacing the giant Kante-sized hole in Leicester’s midfield, Mendy seems like an ideal choice. Comparisons to Claude Makelele (the best pure DM in Premier League history) are apt, Mendy is a consistent player who is a talented passer of the ball as well as a solid tackler. It will be very interesting to see how quickly he forms a partnership with Drinkwater and whether he can adapt to the PL style quickly and help Leicester to perform in the league and in Europe.


#7 Ahmed Musa (by Daz93) - Musa's pace is frightening and I'm sure he's every bit as quick as Vards. It was interesting to see them play together in the Community Shield but I'm more interested to see some varied formations with him playing more on the wing, where I think he will thrive.

#20 Shinji Okazaki (by abxdsays) - To me Shinji is the ultimate defensive forward, his contributions are widely overlooked and his hold up play is quite decent. He has an incredible knack of either winning headers or fouls, it's seemingly always one or the other. He is virtually a 5th Midfielder in our system, you could argue he vacates the spot of a false 9, but in our case we still have Vardy as the most offensive player. It's quite a different system to many other clubs and arguably one of the reasons we did so well. When you see Musa and Vardy together, you'll notice the gap between Midfield and the Strikeforce.

#23 Leonardo Ulloa - Poor Leo Ulloa. While the rest of the Leicester team were fighting relegation two seasons ago, Ulloa was lighting it up and was the sole bright spot in the mess that was Leicester. Then Leicester bring in Okazaki and Vardy stops fucking about and starts playing well, and Ulloa is kicked to the curb. OK so that may be an exaggeration, because Ulloa made 29 appearances (mostly from the bench) last season, and scored six goals including a late winner against Norwich.

#9 Jamie Vardy - A brief note before we begin: I don’t like Jamie Vardy. (Please don’t all brigade to the comments with abuse, this is my opinion and is basically going to be an entirely biased rant. I’m going to say a lot of very nice things about him afterward. Maybe skip this paragraph if you’re a Vardy fanboy.) He’s a colossal shithead, and looks like the kind of person who turns up to a club in a tracksuit, spills his drink on you and then demands you buy him another one, or else his mates will “fuckin bottle you mate.” I find it interesting, as a Liverpool fan, that people are so quick to vilify Suarez for the biting incidents (quite rightly, they were disgusting) and the racial term used toward Evra, yet are tripping over themselves to verbally fellate Vardy despite the fact he has an assault conviction and was caught on camera LAST SUMMER shouting a racial slur in a casino. In my mind, the fact everyone says “Suarez is a great player, but he’s a chompy racist” should also apply that “but” to Vardy, but no, he’s just The People’s Striker. People talk about Vardy playing while wearing an ankle tag like it’s some badge of honour that helps his underdog story. It fucking isn’t. Cristiano Ronaldo could play in an ankle tag; he’d just have to be stupid enough to beat the shit out of someone outside a pub. On top of all that, he got sent off for swearing at a ref last season. Chat shit, get banned you dick. How fucking dense do you have to be to get sent off for that? I’ve watched Wayne Rooney call a ref a cunt right to his face and only get a warning, come on Vards.
Anyway, now that I’ve vented about Vardy the person, I’m going to write a completely fair and unbiased review of Vardy the player: he is a damn good striker. I use Suarez as a comparison up there, and it’s surprisingly apt for his playing style too. They have a lot of the same strengths. Finishing? Here’s Vardy, and here’s Suarez. Ability on the ball? VardySuarez. Getting in behind defenders quicker than they can react? Vardy,, and Suarez. The ability to create something magical from nothing? Jamie Fucking Vardy. Luis Fucking Suarez. One more highlight for each because I’m enjoying this? Vardy with his first touch for England, Suarez with a great header (with bonus Aly Cissokho making the greatest cross of his life completely by accident). The only difference really is Vardy’s acceleration vs Suarez’s free kicks It’s part of what makes him such a popular figure in spite of the personal issues he’s had – he’s a joy to watch and it’s difficult to dislike him when you’re watching the things he can do on the pitch. Hell I’m as anti-Vardy as they come, and watching these highlights I find myself starting to like him, although I’m sure at least one person in the comments will insult me for daring to dislike him, or post "DAE chat shit get banged hur dur" and I’ll go back to the dark side. Vardy got his first England call-up this year, and made the Euros squad. He was one of the few decent performers this summer, and despite my dislike for him, I’m excited to see him hopefully contribute some more big moments for the Three Lions in the future. A couple of half decent seasons and he’ll have a shout for the World Cup squad, and I’d take him. He’s a kind of player England have struggled for, a little menace with a nose for goals. Jamie Vardy is, in my opinion, the best pure finisher in the league. You put the ball at his feet ten yards from goal, and he’ll score 99% of the time. He may not be as complete a striker as Aguero, or as strong as Kane or Rooney, or as dynamic as Sturridge if he ever manages to avoid injury long enough play 100% again, but he’s damn quick, he’s good on the counter and he puts the ball in the net. I may not like him, and I would be very surprised if he ever has a season as good as 2015-16 again, but he’s damn talented and he’ll be drawing the attention of a lot of defenders this year.


This was tough. This is how I expect them to line up the majority of the time, which is why I’ve gone with it, but I really struggled with it. Demarai Gray is the biggest sticking point for me, he’s an incredibly talented young player and I’m a huge fan but I couldn’t drop Mahrez and Leicester spent so much on Musa (and with good reason), it’s hard to leave him out too. I also think Ulloa is too good to be on the bench but not good enough to crack the lineup. It hurts to leave Inler out too, but he’s just not shown enough yet in a Leicester shirt and Drinkwater and Mendy are in by default at this point. Similarly Ben Chilwell is supremely talented, but the spot is still Fuchs’ to lose. Leicester’s biggest strength in my opinion is the fact that they have two players at almost every position who could realistically break into the team with a bit of good form.
Aaaaand they just lost to Hull. Fucking great start Leicester.

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Any comments, questions, rebuttals etc please comment, one of the reasons for doing this series was to promote discussion as I frequently see comments complaining that there isn't enough discussion. Even if you just want to tell me my strongest eleven is shit (it's probably wrong) drop a comment!

Tomorrow’s Team: Liverpool
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17 Albums You Should Own

  1. City Slang - Sonic’s Rendezvous Band Written by Fred Sonic Smith, the man who co-founded the mighty MC5 and released as a one sided single in the 70’s, this slab of perfection is now mercifully available on a variety of different compilations and live albums. The box set is worth getting. Check out “Sweet Nothing” as well- another monster Sonic heavyweight hymn from the Church of Detroit High NRGRocknRoll. Talking about sweet nothing never sounded so good.
  2. I Still Wonder - Arthur Lee’s Love Admittedly, there is a drum solo track on this album, but get past its unwelcome syncopation boredom and delve into a perfect Arthur Lee moment - I Still Wonder - worth buying the album for and dare I say it – good enough to appear on Love’s Forever Changes.
  3. Universal Sounds of America - Various - Soul Jazz Records 1995 Star-seed communications from Sun Ra, Pharaoh Sanders, Marcus Belgrave - the list goes on- legends of free form Jazz bringing you music for angels and astronauts. If it’s true that mostly everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die-these guys wanted to go to space and by the sounds of it they did. There is so much to explore and get your teeth into on this double album. If forced to choose one track, I’d go for the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s’ Theme De Yo Yo originally released in 1970. Talk about loose but tight, orange but yellow, loud but quiet. Mesmerising stuff! Furious soul intensity heaving with sexual energy like an inter galactic lust catapult finding new trajectories.
  4. Little By Little – Dusty Springfield A bass line hook announces this classic soul tune before the drums take you off to Wigan Casino-beat ready for your Northern soul. As it happens, this track is also available on Northern Soul – 20 Original Classics, which is an almost flawless compilation. This is an absolute monster of a tune. Britain’s finest white female singer of all time? Would be hard to argue otherwise. Dusty In Memphis is such an incredible record. Here’s to you Dusty.
  5. King Tubby’s Special 1973-1976. A simply stunning double album of original Drum & Bass. Check out Turntable Dub, Another Version, and Straight to the Boy Niney Head- dub plates that still sound as fresh and innovative as they were upon being released. Dreader than dread heavy perfection from The Master.
  6. Rolled Gold - The Action “We all tried our hand at getting that [Motown] sound you know... all the bands in the mid ’60s. The best ones at it were the Action... They were an amazing band.” (Steve Marriott, 1987). Like discovering that your guitar has a switch that makes politicians disappear- for good, uncovering Rolled Gold by The Action, is as mind blowing as hearing #1 Record by Big Star for the first can there be songs that good that you've not heard before. The Action are Mod's Big Star. In February 1966 Brian Epstein described them as "the greatest thing since John, Paul, George and Ringo".... If you think Brian was having a Wilson moment, check out Something to Say - the opening riff is a goosebumper which never lets up, a soul song as good as any ever written. I love the story of a mate of mine who was in his car about to park when Something To Say kicked in leaving him no choice but to keep driving until the song was finished. Rolled Gold - The Action’s ‘lost’ demos, recorded between 67 and 68, is another head scratching example of the band that got away. Everything they ever did was beautiful and this is no different. I love the fact that it wasn’t mixed or mastered at the time; you can get right inside the songs, feel the band as they evolve having lost a guitar player to be replaced by a flute. This, simply put, is another astonishing collection of songs. Rolled Gold is better than you ever can imagine - go get it now. Quick!
  7. Purity Accuracy - MC5 A sample CD from the same named 6 CD 2004 box set which I’m still saving up for. Check out the blistering version of Gotta Keep Moving and the live explosion which is Black to Comm…easy to hear why they blew Cream off the Grande Ballroom stage.
  8. A Whole New Thing - Sly and The Family Stone An album which receives far less attention than it deserves, check out the first track “Underdog”. Tuuuuuunnnnnnneeeeeeeeee!!!! I will sample that killer break if nobody else will! A relentless innovator; Sly was a maverick genius who barely drew breathe as he bust open the funk with one landmark album after another. The Wailers must have been seriously heavy-seriously good, when they supported Sly in 73, if it’s true they were asked to leave the tour by Sly’s management for fear they were perhaps a little too cooking.
  9. In A Misty Morning - Gene Clark Another one of Gene’s portal songs, this song makes you feel like you’re sat in the passenger seat beside Gene (your holding) as rain pours down the windshield like diamonds, forming a paranoid prism through which you stare as the patrol car slowly passes by. Gulp music. Ethereal Byrd country explorations steeped in white line fever, a trip that takes you far beyond the city limits, whilst never separating you from the cause of your broken heart. Gene Clark IS one of America’s Finest Poets.
  10. Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One - Kinks Minus a couple of throw away fillers, this album contains two of Ray’s finest songs; This Time Tomorrow and Get Back In Line. The latter able to transport you to the desperation dole queue wearing the shoes of a man who knows his value as a human is based on the roll of the dice. This Time Tomorrow is a perfect example of the song writing prowess which makes Ray Davies probably Britain’s finest ever songsmith.
  11. That’s The Way It’s Got to Be - The Poets I remember hearing this for the first time and thinking – what was I doing breathing whilst living without this song in my life! Described as freakbeat, blues, even pych-Mod, this Scottish band were much better than any of our attempts at World Cup glory and unlike Roughie’s perm, should have been much bigger! Get Wooden Spoon – The Singles Anthology 1964-67, a compilation with more than a few golden nuggets waiting to be discovered.
  12. Sounds From The Burning Spear – Burning Spear at Studio 1 The 1973 debut by one of Jamaica’s finest, if not finest roots reggae groups. Check out Door Peeper, hypnotic spiritual music that commands every molecule as the air fills with bass transcendence. Rebel music? Aye.
  13. Heavy Load - New Kingdom Released on Gee Street in 1993- this is a seriously big wedge of hip hop heaviness that never loses ifs empty glass smile – a grin eye son that shines a light amongst the beats bleeps and breaks of early nineties dek experimentation. Hip hop for Shebeen’s.
  14. Rowed Out - The Eyes The Arrival of the Eyes – their 1966 EP, commands the kind of price that means it’s unlikely it will ever spin on my turntable but check out the tracks on the reissue CD. Rowed Out is a Mod anthem if I’ve ever heard one…” Grey suede coat and a soul like fire“. How these talented fellas ended up having to record an album of Beatles and Stones covers is beyond me, makes about as much sense as Fred Sonic Smith being unable to land a record deal.
  15. Circles - Les Fluer DeLys One of my favourite cover versions of all time and the best cover version of a Who Song. (Don’t throw you Rickenbacker at me but this version is even better than the Who’s). Rumour has it that upon hearing it- Keith Richard’s snapped- “who the hell is playing that guitar”.
  16. Back To The World & Sweet Exorcist - Curtis Mayfield The gentle genius joined The Impressions when he was fourteen; perhaps it was the smell of teen spirit that led to him tune his guitar to the black keys on the piano and in the process - creating a sound all his own. These two albums, whilst perhaps lesser known, remain vital documents of the time. Soul reminders that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  17. Take Me For What I’m Worth - The Searchers A song that wouldn't sound out of place on Bringing It All Back Home by Bob Dylan or a Tim Hardin record; PF Sloan lends his talents to The Searchers on this scorcher of a cover. Written by the son of a Romanian immigrant who had to change the family name because of repeatedly being turned down for a US liquor licence. Perhaps such events influenced the lyrics?
If you liked this then you should know, we also make band T-Shirts! Check us out at
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Wigan Casino 1973 - 81 - YouTube WIGAN CASINO MEMORIES Wigan Casino - A Lifestyle Of Northern Soul - YouTube Wigan Casino documentary Wigan Casino - YouTube IN THE CLUB (Wigan Casino) Part 3 Wigan Casino- For Dancers Only - YouTube Northern Soul .. 1977 .. The Wigan Casino - YouTube Wigan Casino 1978 - Live Recording from balcony. - YouTube

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1994 CD release of The Wigan Casino Story on Discogs. Start your review of Soul Survivors: The Wigan Casino Story. Write a review. Dec 14, 2010 Alex rated it really liked it. There aren't many books about the Northern Soul scene around, so to get an inside view from Russ Winstanley is quite a treat. Yes, it could be better written and there could be more content. But there's some great unseen photos included and scans of rare flyers, record ... The Wigan Casino Story ~ Release by Various Artists (see all versions of this release, 1 available) Overview; Disc IDs (0) Cover Art (0) Aliases; Tags; Details; Edit; Edit Relationships; Tracklist CD 1 # Title Artist Rating Length; 1: Dance, Dance, Dance. The Casualeers: 2:29: 2: The Joker. The Mylestones: 2:47: 3: What . Judy Street: 2:17: 4: You've Got Your Mind on Other Things Beverley Ann ... Welcome to the Wigan Casino Soul Club. Many of the folks on that first night came clad in badges from the Twisted Wheel, Blackpool Mecca and the Torch all-nighter, which had recently shut in Tunstall after a precious 13-month lifespan. Even still, the scene at that time was evolving: nights at Va Va’s in Bolton, the Catacombs in Wolverhampton and dayers like the Top Rank in Hanley flew their ... The Wigan Casino Story Vol.2: 27 Northern Soul Classics from the Heart of Soul Frankie Beverly. 3.2 out of 5 stars 6. Audio CD. 4 offers from £13.48. The Sue Singles Baby Washington. 4.6 out of 5 stars 7. Audio CD. £7.99. Only 1 left in stock. I'Ll Pick A Rose For My Rose - The Complete Motown Recordings 1964-1971 Marv Johnson. 4.6 out of 5 stars 27. Audio CD. £14.97. Only 3 left in stock ... Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Wigan Casino Story, Vol. 3 - Various Artists on AllMusic - 1996 Wigan Casino first opened it's doors on September 23rd, 1973 to the sounds of "Put Your Loving Arms Around Me" by The Sherrys, and 652 people walked in. It must have seemed inconceivable at the time that Wigan Casino Soul Club would eventually have over 100,000 members, and would be voted "Best Discotheque In The World". Wigan Casino Story. FOR DANCERS ONLY: THE STORY OF WIGAN CASINO FIRST PUBLISHED: Mojo Collections, Spring 2002 By Chris Hunt There were clubs that were far cooler than Wigan Casino. There were clubs more progressive in their evolution of new styles of ‘Northern Soul’. There were clubs for purists, for innovators, for collectors, but if what you really wanted was a club for dancers, then ... View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1996 CD release of The Wigan Casino Story Volume Three (The Final Chapter) on Discogs. The Wigan Casino Story. Wigan Casino voted greatest disco in the world. 1978: Number 5 in our series of the 50 key events in the history of dance music. Soul Music My Music Summer Tunes Northern Soul Music Images. Keep The Faith. Youth Culture Post Punk Popular Music. Monkey Picks. This month’s listening has included some fantastic new stuff. The Weller LP will as ever divide opinion ...

[index] [17356] [19166] [13812] [14876] [10849] [26108] [13103] [17431] [6606] [29309]

Wigan Casino 1973 - 81 - YouTube

A nostalgic look back to the heady heydays of Wigan Casino and the people who danced away their lives there.Want to join a discussion group about anything Wi... What a great peice of history. The sounds of Wigan Casino in 1978 - Sorry for the sound quality, but was recorded on a cassette recorder on the balcony! The Wigan Casino All Nighter started on September 23rd, 1973 at 2am as an experiment in the field of Northern Soul Music. It worked. Soon Wigan Casino was on... Wigan Casino Famous 3 Before 8.mpg - Duration: 8:16. smajy 146,926 views. 8:16 . When Zeppelin met Elvis: May 1974 - Duration: 8:00. George Smith Recommended for you. 8:00. Blackpool Tower ... Northern Soul and Wigan Casino The One Show BBC1 May 2nd 2011 - Duration: 5:12. rooie16 141,442 views. 5:12 . The obsession that is Northern Soul 3 - Duration: 9:36. VideoPirate1 1,018,245 views ... Wigan Casino, the sights sounds, the adsfor the clothes and of course Eddie Hollands''I Surrender'' dance floor filler, keeping those memories alive. A small movie celebrating the Casino Club, more commonly known as Wigan Casino.Keep The Faith Wigan Casino's 40Th Anniversary Blackpool Tower Ballroom - Duration: 12:42. ... The Fred Dibnah Story Episode 1 Beginnings - Duration: 28:53. Haddy75 Recommended for you. 28:53 . The Krays Empire ... A shortened edit of Tony Palmer's 1977 documentary about the Wigan Casino Club.